Monday, June 22, 2015


Well happy Father's Day Dad! and Papa and Grandpa and all the rest of you! and happy birthday Riley 25??? Your old.  and happy birthday Isabel, 17 equally gross.  Our fam is too old now. What happened to the days when we were young and hip? 

Well I'm in 9 de Octubre, an area that limits with Las Brisas.  It has been a good and crazy week. I was super nervous to say goodbye to Marco and Jessica cuz they were hoping on having me for a month longer but everything went well.  They were surprised and a little bummed but they sounded firm in their decision to be married and baptized. We put the goal with them for the 25 of July I hope the sisters are working hard with them. 

We are basically starting from scratch here cuz the sisters were teaching a bunch of old ladies that live alone so it's almost impossible to teach them.  But we are knocking lots of doors and finding some people that have the potential to progress.  My pensionista is an old catholic lady but her daughter is a member and they are filthy rich.  It's definitely the richest house I've been in since entering Peru.  I told the pension's daughter to not feed me too much cuz I don't want to go home fat and she just laughed and told me it's impossible.  She cooks super good and gives ice cream after every meal, but don't worry, I'm still running in the mornings. 

This week was the dedication of the Trujillo temple and it was amazing! I was like 8 years old when I went to the Newport Beach temple dedication so i didn't remember much but it was sweet. President Uchtdorf came with Elder Bednar and the talks were amazing, and it's sad cuz I'll never be able to read or hear the talks again.  We assisted the 3 sessions.  They basically just hit hard on always having a temple recommend no matter how far you live away from a temple or any other circumstance and how we need to do the work for our dead.  It got me pumped to get back to my temple in Newport to do some work. 

Well this area is super dangerous.  The sisters were robbed and the robbers stole their camera. 

That's all I got sooryyy, love you guys.

Elder Harper

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