Friday, November 28, 2014


I'm super jealous about the family vacation! I didn't know you guys were going on a cruise. I though you were just going to Disney! but that's pretty sweet. We are basically teaching all families and well, I just love to talk about my fam and share my testimony of how families can be eternal. I know that it's hard being away from you guys but knowing that I'll see you soon and that I'll be stuck with you hooligans for all eternity gives me peace and motivates me to work even harder.

Well this week was pretty epic. Sacrament meeting was super impactful for me. It was the primary program and even though those little kids can't sing to save their lives, as they sung the spirit penetrated my heart. I think it reminded me of my primary days and to see how far I have come and to see how young they are starting in the right path, thanks to good parents who love their kids and the Lord enough to live the gospel and teach it to their family. It was also Elky's first time passing the sacrament and just by chance he ended it passing it to me. It's funny how that works even though I didn't do the ordinance of baptism, I helped him make it there by teaching him. And now the tables have turned as he has helped me partake of an ordinance to be come clean of sin. It was a beautiful experience.  

Well we are teaching a less active and her husband, Juan Carlos. It's awesome to see how the gospel changes hearts little by little. This guy at first seemed like he didn't want us to come and he wasn't very interested, but after teaching and testifying for a couple of weeks, he asks us to leave chapters for him to read in the Book of Mormon and he gets all dressed up.  He's a big scary looking man but after getting to know him, we have found that he's a lovable guy. He accepts everything we teach him but his work makes it hard for him to come to church. We are praying that he will soon understand the importance of the Sabbath day. 

Well I hope you all have a great week and continue being happy. Mom, I loved those talks you sent me about happiness and I think that happiness is something that depends completely on us and something that we can have no matter what happens if we live the gospel. I can testify of it from personal experience and from seeing so many families here who live realllyyy hard lives. But yet the poorest and humblest of people here are happy when they've got the gospel.

Stay golden

Elder Harper

Monday, November 17, 2014



What is goin' on? Well the months keep counting down and it makes me real nervous. I'm not trunky and I know I have a lot of time left but I just feel like the time goes by so fast and I have so much more to learn in the mish, and so much more to do. I was reading in Corinthians today, I believe the second chapter but I don't have my scripts with me, and Pablo was talking about one of the times he went out to preach the Gospel, and he said he was nervous. He was a little scared cuz he didn't have a lot of skill or a lot of knowledge. He said that all he knew was that Christ was crucified and resurrected for us. He says his words weren't persuasive to men or to the wise but he spoke with the spirit in simplicity and touched the hearts of the humble and weak. It was strengthening cuz I know that I may not be talented or skilled in word but if I strive to have the spirit with me, I can touch the lives of others and even change the lives of others through my simple but deep testimony that Christ is our Savior and only through His sacrifice and our obedience to the principles of the Gospel can we be saved. And only through obedience, can we have the spirit with us. 

Well Juan now doesn't want to come to church. It is really weird behavior considering he is only 9 years old, and considering all 5 of his sibs go to church every week. But I think he's embarrassed cuz he didn't get baptized and he doesn't want his friends in the primary to make fun or to judge, but we are working with him and hopefully he will get pumped again. I see that his dad is a little discouraged as well. 

A family we have been teaching for quite a while told us that in December they want to get married and be baptized. It's pretty awesome cuz they have a son that's a member and they have had a lot of problems but they are now making this great decision. Hopefully I'll be there to see them get baptized cuz it looks like there will be cambios a couple weeks into the month of December. Well we have met some pretty cool kats contacting this week, people who have great potential. My comp is good at opening his mouth and following promptings. It really is important to talk to everyone cuz the Lord prepares the hearts of men to hear the gospel, you just don't know when it's their time. 

Well gots to go. Thanks for all the love and support..I love you all....Today we made tacos with my Mexican district leader. best lunch ever..I made the tortillas.


Elder Harper

Monday, November 10, 2014


Well family and friends, it was a great week! Elky Sanchez was baptized on Saturday and confirmed the next day as well. The program went well and it was a very spiritual experience. But it was also a very stressful experience haha. Elky's little bro, Juan, was also supposed to be baptized but the day of the interview he didn't want to come and starting crying cuz he was scared to be asked questions by somebody he doesn't know. ( I don't blame the kid) But his dad talked him up and got him pumped up again to be baptized on Saturday. His interview was planned for Saturday before the baptism. Well we planned on meeting them in the church at 1:30 to do the interview and the baptism was going to be at 3. Well not a single person set foot in the chapel until 4, and when they all came, Juan got scared again and didn't want to be interviewed. So we went on with the program and baptized his bro. It's all good cuz we are gonna work more with him so he can have more confidence and feel better prepared. But Elky is a stud and is going to receive the priesthood next week as well so that will be awesome for his family.

Well we have sisters in the area now. They are pretty cool. One is from Utah and one is from California. It's been pretty stressful helping them find a house and a pension and helping them know the area but they got the hang of it now. Some of the members are surprised that sisters came because it's a pretty dangerous area, but we put them in the nice part and we moved to the shlums where it's pretty sketch. 

This week we have been working hard with the families. It's pretty sad cuz we have about three killer families that we just love, but they will not go to church for some reason. They love to listen to us and they read and pray but church is always a huge complication for the people here. It hurts sometimes to see people you love not be able to progress but I know I need to have patience as well cuz true converts aren't made over night. 

Well I was reading in Alma this week and I stumbled upon one of my favorite chapters, Alma 24. I just love the example of how the anti nefi lehis (? is that what they are called in English?) Well, they're examples of being faithful in keeping their covenants. They had such strong faith that God would bless them if they were faithful. They knew if they were to die by not taking up their weapons and fighting, they would be saved and dwell with our Father in Heaven. When thus happened, the Lamanites who were slaying saw their faithfulness and were converted. A lot of the times the gospel is shared more effectively with actions then with words. I'm not a man of many words. I struggle to speak in Spanish and in English (my Utah comp understands me better when I speak Spanish) but I know as I am faithful and give it all, my all and I are blessed and I an impact the lives of others. The gospel is soooo simple and so amazing. Just live it and you will be happy Alma 24:14. God loves us and has given us this plan so we can make it back to him ...I just can't wait my brothers and you all.  Thanks for your strength and support.

Elder Harper

Monday, November 3, 2014



I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. I was actually surprised because we stopped by a member's house and there were 2 kids that were getting dressed up to go trick or treating in the center. Those kids are starting a revolution in Peru jaja. Well we definitely had a pretty busy week and have found a lot of new people to teach. President called me this week and told me that he's going to put sisters in the area to share it with us. So this week we have been house hunting as well. Probably something I won't have to do again tell after I get married. But we found a nice place and got their pencion all set up as well. 

We worked hard with those boys Juan and Elky this week and it looks like they will be baptized this Saturday. haha It will be my first baptism here in Las Brisas and I'm glad to have it with my hijito. We are working hard with this family so the dad can progress, get the priesthood and one day be sealed with the whole family. It's a little Brady Bunch family, 3 from each parent and after the baptism the whole fam will almost be members, except for the babies obviously. We are a little bummed cuz some of the couples we have been working hard with have not came to church and have not showed a true interest in being married in this upcoming matrimonio masivo. 

Well tomorrow starts a new transfer. I'm so thankful for the atonement of Jesus Christ, especially in the mission cuz through it, I'm not only cleansed of my sins but I'm comforted. He gives me new energies to keep working hard, the promise of the presence of the spirit to come along with me,  a new leaf to turn over, and new goals and excitement to work hard and to work efficiently together with the members. There's like 400 members in the area but only 110 attend so there is a lot of work to do. Well the time is up and nothing exciting happened this week but I'll make sure to take pics at the baptism and to write some epic stories. I love all you guys and all of your support. Someone write me a letter. I haven't gotten one in months!!


Elder Harper