Monday, May 26, 2014


The picture that I posted awhile back was actually not from Baylor's Combi (Van) accident.
Here are a couple pictures taken from the accident scene a few months ago.

Hola Familia!!!!

Well it sure is good to here from all of you. I'm a little jealous about the beach bonfire at Sano. Every now and then I still have some good surfing dreams.. Well Mother you asked me my favorite Peruvian dish but it isn't Rice. Well Rice is the main part of every meal, without it, it's just a piece of chicken and maybe a potato. But my favorite dish would have to be Lomo Saltado, which is also a dish at the Peruvian restaurant that we always went to..It's beef mixed with veggies and papas fritas , nothing to inetresting. 

Well this week was pretty normal in the life of a missionary. Elder Prado and I have been continuing to work pretty dang hard. I'm always exhausted but I love it. I feel happy and sad when it comes to the success we are having here. Sad, because we really don't have investigators that are progressing. We do a lot of contacting and teach a boat load of lessons cuz the people accept us in their houses but no body wants to go to church. Only one ivestigator attended church and it's the sister that can't get baptized until her husband divorces his other wife and they get married. Little Rosa has been progressing but right now is pretty discouraged cuz Sunday we sent a member to pick her up and this member told us that the dad of Rosa was drinking and wouldn't let her go to church. She started crying and told the member that she's no longer going to be able to come to church. But later that day we rounded up a bunch of the studly youth of Chongoyape and visited her to cheer her up. She's got a testimony and wants to be baptized but she's a little discouraged cuz she knows her dad won't let her. As far the family Guerrero Salazar goes, they are awesome and I really love this fam so much, but they won't come to church and won't accept a baptism date. They have been to church many times before and they have a testimony but they are just scared to take that step and are too busy with their lives to keep the commitments. 

But I'm happy cuz there are many members here that are reactivating and are stoked once again in this gospel. We had another great turnout Sunday. A returned missionary from Lima came to visit her mother here for a couple months and has been helping us with the work of salvation here. She gave a legit talk on Sunday about the atonement of Jesus Christ and I don't think anyone can deny that they felt the spirit in that meeting. A whole family of 5 that has been inactive for a while came as well, and it just made me so happy to see many people be able to renew their covenants with God. Ricardo and Angel are 2 priests that study with us Sunday morning and teach with us all day until church. They are studs and growing so fast spiritually. Angel wasn't very active before but now he's thanking us for dragging him along and he's bugging us to give him opportunities to proselyte with us. 

Well fam bam this is my weekly report. I know that I'm progressing personally as well.  Sometimes I get frustrated for what I am and who I'm not but I always realize what I have become and what I am becoming as I look back to see who I was..say that 2 times fast.. Like in chapter 9 of 3 Nephi when the Lamanites received the spirit in their lives and were converted unto the Lord without even knowing it. A real change comes slowly but is something that will never fall as long as the base is always our Lord Jesus Christ. I love you all and I shall see you soon.

Elder Harper

Monday, May 19, 2014


Hola Familia! 

Thanks for all the emails folks, it definitely means a lot. Well it looks like I will have at least another transfer as Pastor Harper. 

This week was a really trying hard-working week. We were able to teach many lessons and we were able to find a few more people to teach as well. But despite all the hard work, when it  came to Saturday, we realized that a lot of the people were not progressing. The members were coming to church, we have been working the hardest we have ever worked in our missions, but we just weren't seeing the results. Sunday morning we went on splits with some of the youth to teach investigators and remind members about church and when we arrived at the chapel at 3 almost no one was there. I had to direct the Sacrament Meeting but I decided to wait a little bit longer cuz usually the people here aren't too punctual. but at 3:30 we started it and right as we were starting, about 7 inactive members walked in. It was such a greet feeling seeing these people who I have visited for months and have distanced themselves from the church for years finally return to renew their covenants that they have made with God. The spirit was super strong during this meeting like if we were in a batism or something. Finally we were able to see the fruits of our Labor and now we just have to keep these people pumped so they can always come and enjoy the blessings of the Gospel. We are still a little worried for some members who have not been coming who have been strong before but this meeting taught hope and how the Blessings of the Gospel always come when we are faithful, work hard and Keep the Commandments of God. There is a quote from Thomas S. Monson that says something like ..some blessings you receive instantly, others take awhile and others are only received in heaven, but the blessing will come. So coming out of this Sunday, we are super stoked and ready to continue working hard, remembering that patience plays a big role in missionary work.

Saturday a good friend of ours passed away, his name was "ComoTu" .... he was the Dog of the sister that washes our clothes. As much as I hate the filthy mutts of Peru, I definitely loved this Dog. Every one knew him as the Missionaries' Dog cuz he always would follow us around in the streets and try to enter the house we went to. He would always greet us. I guess also the last Gringo missionary that was here found him and gave him to the sister. Haha the sister told me that she was content because a gringo found him and a gringo buried him. We buried him in front of the sister's house Saturday night and had to comfort the little kids after with D&C 77. Well I don't know why I told that story but it seems like I'm running out of things to say these days haha. 

Rosa is still excited to be baptized and came to church and loved it this Sunday. She's already made many friends with the awesome youth here. We just need to talk to her dad to get permission for her to be baptized. The good thing is that a lot of her cousins and fam are members of the church.

Well I've been loving my personal studies lately and I have been feeling like the spirit has been present in my life stronger and more active than ever before. I read and inspiring quote from Boyd K. Packer that says we have to learn to walk to the edge of the light and after take a few steps in the darkness and then the light will appear and show us the way. I feel this is the way the spirit has worked with me in the mission, even though I may have liked it to be like flipping a switch and instantly the light is there. I have learned so much more along the journey and the faith it takes to take those few steps in the darkness. Sometimes we may not know everything or be confident in what we do know or know the exact reason why we do it when it comes to keeping the commandments and serving the Lord. But when we trust in the Lord and serve Him with all our might, He will always lighten the path for us and we will always be blessed after we have showed the trial of our faith. 

I have learned so many things in the mission field up to now, but the things I have learned have taken a process of 9 months to learn and to strengthen.  I know that I will keep learning and strengthening these things all of my life. I'm so thankful for this time I have to serve and I'm scared cuz the time goes by wait too fast and I know these short 2 years will be a blur to me in the future but I'm trying to live in the moment. Thanks for all your loving fam bam and my dearest friends. You guys are helping me to keep on going and to change my life little by little. ......Mother, I'm sorry but I can't send pics or even take pics right now cuz the filthy computers here have messed up my memory cards so I'm gonna try to get them fixed but in the mean time just look at the many sick pics Abs sends every week. Well love you all! later skaters....

Elder Harper

Monday, May 12, 2014


Mother's Day Skype
The signal was super bad in Chongoyape.  We started off with a frozen picture of this and a heavily garbled and broken
R2-D2 robot voice.  We kept talking because he could see us and understand what we were saying. But a little latter the signal miraculously cleared up and we were able to see him more clearly and finally understand what he was saying : )

Happy Mothers Day all you mommaaaasss! Well this week was a great one, especially since I got to
see your faces Sunday night. Sunday was very frustrating because we spent almost all day trying to get Skype to work and I was super impatient but my comp kept working at it and his patience payed of for me.  Sadly he didn't really get to talk to his fam cuz the internet is sketch over there.

Well I hope everyone treated you like a queen Mommy. For Mothers Day the bishop came with the bishopric and gave talks about eternal families and successful happy homes. Sadly not a lot of people were there but I think the messages impacted all. We have one investigator who has been going to church for a year. She knows it's true and wants to be baptized but she can't because she is not married to the man that she lives with and who is the father of her kids because he is still married to another women, even though they have been separated for over 11 years. It's a sad situation. The sister even gives clasaes and talks in church. But her testimony and her couarage really moativates me.  She keeps fighting but the paper work is real slow.

Well Friday night we had a talent show for the moms. I played a hymn on the harmonica while some of the youth sang, and I dedicated the song to you Mommy! It was a pretty sweet night. We made a cake and had raffle for a basket filled with goods. There were about 30 peops there which was exciting. The Hermana Rosa came with her fam as well. Rosa is a youth that has known the church and missionaries for about a year now. She is 14 years old but hasn't been going to church for a while. We just recently found her and started teaching her. She is super excited and we have been helping her remember all the things the Elders have taught her. She remembered a lot but the one thing that she never did was to pray to know that the things were true. So we challenged her to pray and the next day she said she had already received her answer and almost challenged to baptize her haha. But even though she is basically a little child she is super sensitive to the spirit and is progressing. She wants to be baptized on the 30th so we will see how it goes. Oh and her brother Benjamin is super cool and excited to listen to us as well. 

Well nothing else is new.  We have been working harder than ever and with time and I have faith this area will blossom, even if I won't be able to see the fruits of it. Well all this week we have been sharing a message about the family and mothers. I love the scripture in Alma fifty-something where it talks about how valiant and obedient the 2000 Stripling Warriors were and how they didn't fear death nor doubt their faith. And it was because their mothers had taught them. 

It made me remember how grateful I am to have an amazing mother like you Mom, who has raised me in righteousness and has been such a great example to me. Who has put up with a lot from me but has had patience. Maybe for most of my childhood my testimony rode on the back of yours but because of you Mom, I can say that I know this is the True Church and that I know Heavenly Father lives and loves me and as I strive to be more like His son and as I strive to keep the commandments, I find hope and peace and renewed strength from the Atonement of my Savior. It's something so simple but so amazing and so real and I'm glad that I will always have it in my life. Thank you Mom and I love you. And thanks to all of the other mothers and people who support me and have helped me grow. I love you guys and I shall see you soon.


Elder Harper

Monday, May 5, 2014



Well Happy Cinco de Mayo to all.  I will be spending my Pday dreaming of Mexican food and I totally forgot about May the 4th be with you; I know Im a sinner. Well sorry I will not be sending any pics because I'm in that same sketchy internet that is known for erasing memory cards. But Sunday you will get to see my face and I'll send a bunch of pictures Monday as well. 

Well this week we definitely worked hard even though we didn't have a whole lot of success. Tuesday we traveled to Chiclayo for a multi-zone meeting. It was the last time I'll see President Risso and the Hermana Risso, which was pretty sad but they gave inspiring talks. They will be leaving in June. It was a pretty good meeting. Elder Lattin spoke as well; he's the new Assistant to the President in town. We ate Pizza Hut and it was amazing. For the first time in 9 months it felt good to be stuffed. 

Well you can probs tell I don't have much to say this week but Elder Prado and I divided the area sectors because Chongoyape is pretty big. We have been able to work more effectively this way. Every day this week we have been able to visit members, menos activos, investigators and we were able to contact a lot. This week I was able to experience having doors slammed in my face. Let's just say there are a lot of Testigos here. 

We have been teaching Bryan and his mother Gladys. Gladys works on Sundays and can't come to church. She is starting to understand the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy though. She's a single mom and she always tells us to find a single Mormon man for her. There are none here obviously but we are gonna send her to a single adult activity one of these days. She really wants the best for her kids and is willing to serve the Lord. I think she just has to put Him before her work.

This Sunday about 5 members from the Cria came to Chongoyape to help clean the chapel and to visit members and investigators. We had 20 members in the chapel, including us and the 5 from the Cria. It's something that has really been worrying us. I think with the responsibilities we have here I feel a little bit what good 'ol Bishop Baker feels. But with help from the Cria we are going to be able to have more success because it s realy hard to play the role of a missionary and bishop and family home teacher at the same time. But I know with patience, confidence in the Lord and hard work WE CAN DO IT.  

Another family is really worrying me too. They want us to come everyday to their house to teach them but they don't come to church, and if they don't come to church, they aren't going to progress and they wont be baptized. They believe what we say but they just have to put the stuff into practice. They haven't experimented and therefore haven't experienced a real change. 

Wellllllllll this week were goonna have a talent show. I'm gonna work in my harmonica skills so I can knock out a few hymns. Well that is really all I have for this week family and friends. I love you all. The Church is True and the Book is Blue...


Elder Harper