Monday, June 15, 2015

.......her HOUSE is HEAVEN....


Well so much has happened in this past week; it's pretty crazy.  We have been working super hard with Marco and Jessica and last week we put a date with them. They accepted it but this week we found out that there isn't going to be a Matrimonio Masivo, which is a community wedding and it's super cheap.  Marco and Jessica are not going to be able to pay for a normal wedding and we found out that the next Matrimonio Masivo is el 25 de Julio, 2 weeks after I'm home.  We had a great lesson with them this week.  We brought our mission leader and he bore a powerful testimony. Jessica still has some doubts.  All her family and friends are from other churches that criticize our church but she is doing all she can to get a testimony like going to church and staying all 3 hours.  They are praying as a  family and reading the scriptures. 

Jessica told us that her 4 year old daughter told her little playmate that her house is Heaven and that her dad doesn't drink anymore and her parents don't fight.  The playmate told her mom that and asked her mom if the hermanitos (affectionate word for little brothers. I guess that's what they call the missionaries : ) )  could go to her house too so her dad would change and so her house could be Heaven.. It amazes me how a 4 year old girl can notice such a difference in her home when gospel principles are applied.  I think we should all ask ourselves if our home is a Heaven and do everything possible to make it that way. Well their faith is growing and I know that they are converting little by little but now I'm a little worried for them.

Saturday at  5 in the afternoon we were knocking doors and President called.  He called to inform us that my comp and I would be having an emergency change.  He said there are sisters that are in a dangerous area called 9 de Octubre (I've been told it is one of the most dangerous areas in the mission) and he's pulling them out and putting me there with my hijo and the sisters are coming here. Nobody knows so it will be difficult saying goodbye, especially to Marco and Jessica cuz it was hard for them when my old comp left. Well I'll be praying for them so they can accept the new missionaries and keep with their desires to be married and baptized.  I'm being white-washed so it will be tough but I'm down for the challenge and honored that President trusts in me. Well that is all my friends.  It's gonna be a weird week but I'm happy and ready to work. 

Besitos,  Elder Harper

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