Monday, November 25, 2013


Heyitsme Elder Harper! Hola familia, 
Baylor and Damon Jarman

So mama I did not get that backpack in Chiclayo but today I got the third package so all is well!! Well this week was quite the experience. After I wrote last Pday, we went on splits and Elder Coons, who only has 6 weeks more than me in the mish, and I went to go teach our investigators, Rony and Gloria. I was pretty nervous cuz Rony is like 23 and Glory is 17; they are living together and are super receptive to our message.  Rony has even expressed how he wants to be baptized before so I knew I had to teach la ley de Castidad (the law of chastity), probably my favorite thing to teach. So got there and taught them about chastity using scriptures and our testimony. The spirit was super strong and we felt it was right to commit them to be married and baptized the 14 of December. Surprisingly, they both gladly accepted. They did not know about this commandment before and they expressed how they want to keep all the commandments so they can be baptized and clean of theirs pecados. It was pretty sweet and the spirit was strong. We gave Rony a Book of Mormon recently and he's  already 14 chapters in!!! He says many people, including his friends, say it's a lie but he says they think that cuz they haven't read it and experimented on the word. He says now that he's read part of it and experimented, he knows it's true and it is just as much as scripture as the Bible. 

Baylor and Elder Oswald, he's comp from the CCM, on the bus to Chiclayo.
Well Tuesday afternoon we left to Chiclayo. It was a 7 hour bus ride. We had a bus all to ourselves, 30 missionaries.  It was a long drive but we arrived in Chiclayo in the night and slept in the rooms of other missionaries. In the morning, we woke up early, got ready, ate, and booked it to the chapel and got front row seats for Elder Nelson. I got to see all my friends from the MTC!! It was really cool and I also go to see mi amigo, Elder Jarman!! We got to talk for a while. He seems like he is doing really well. He says he's struggling with the language but knowing Damon, he probably already speaks better than I do. 

Elder Waddell and Elder Nelson both spoke!! Elder Neslon spoke in English and had a translator so that was pretty sweet. I got to shake their hands also!!! The talks were on The work of Salvation obviously, but the emphasis was on the family and on family history. They talked of how our purpose on this Earth is to have families and enjoy the gospel together and make sacred covenants so we can live together eternally! This message needs to be taken to everyone no matter what situation they are in. They also told of how the ancestors of our investigators are across the veil doing everything possible and pulling for their relatives on the earth to accept the gospel so they can be set free. So as we teach the gospel, we need to teach the importance of family history so when they accept it, they will want to do everything possible to do the work for their families. Am I making sense??? Didn't think so haha. 

Well it was all pretty sweet.  The Trujillo temple will be built soon. Directly after the conference, we left for Jaen  in the bus with boxes of Pizza hut pizza ..sooo tasty. Saturday was the baptism of Gianela, Clarita and Jose!! puro niƱos. They were all super excited and it was rewarding to see the bright smiles on their faces as they emerged from the water and to hear their testimonies of this Gospel. Also, the sister of Luis Fernando was baptized. The sisters taught her but she asked me to baptize her. I also go to baptize Gianela!! It was super spiritual for all of us.

Today we watched the Ultimate Gift as a Zone. It made me super trunkey cuz we always watch that as a fam and Switchfoot is in it a lot hahah. It was sweeet. Well I get a new comp next week. I'm pretty scared cuz I'm supposed to know the area and Spanish so pray for me!! haha. Well gots to go. I love you all and Se que Jesucristo vive. (Jesus Christ Lives)

Elder Harper

The baptism of Gianela and Clarita

The baptism of Jose
Baylor's last week with his trainer, Elder Hulet.  On their apartment balcony.

Monday, November 18, 2013



Well I don't have that much time to write today cuz the zone leaders told us that we shouldn't print before we write anymore...lame. But this week was pretty epic as far as the work goes, packed full of lessons and what not. As of now, we have three investigators who will be baptized for sure this Saturday and it's very probable that we will have another. The bishop's brother didn't show up to church so he won't be baptized this week.

So there is this family in our ward that always brings a couple of their neighbors with them to church. They are both little chubby kids. One is 7 and the other is 9. We met them a few weeks back at a family night and taught them but ever since then we haven't had time to teach them.  But the kids come to church every week so we made it a priority to go see him this week. When we walked up to his street, he was pushing his little sibling in a stroller and when he saw us he darted over to us and left his sib in the middle of the street; he was so excited to see us haha. We sat down with him to teach him and before we even started the lesson he told us that he wanted to baptized. So from there, we taught all of lesson 1 and we've been teaching him almost every day since. He's a little fat stud and has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. 

Also Yanela and Clarita, the Hermanas of Franco, are going to be baptized this Saturday!! They came to church this Sunday and loved it. I always love teaching them cuz Franco and his mom are always there too. So it's like my first real family Iv'e taught!!! There's nothing better than teaching families cuz that is what the gospel is all about and that's where true happiness comes. And the fourth possible for Saturday is Aurelia. We challenged Aurelia to get on her knees and pray if she should be baptized on the 23.  She wants to be baptized she has a strong testimony and loves the church but she just has fear that she will fail. So she prayed and she told us that she is ready to be baptized and that she felt very peaceful and a strong urge and feeling in heart that she needs to continue to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. The only problem is that she wants to be baptized with her daughter who is special. We explained to her that she has no sin and does not need to be baptized but she was pretty persistent about it. 

Well I'm sorry I've got no good stories this week besides the fact that I puked multiple times again. It's cuz I eat too much and my body can't digest it, fun stuff. Well tomorrow I'm off to Chiclayo!! It's gonna be awesome to hear an apostle of the Lord. Hopefully I'll get my butt kicked and come back to Jaen working harder and speaking fluent Spanish ;) So Elder Hulet also leaves in 2 weeks and I'll have to lead the area and probably with a Latino companero. I'm super stressed cuz I can't speak, and I have no sense of direction but I also know that the Lord will provide a way cuz he wants me to obey right? right. So I figured out my prob is I have no confidence. So I keep reminding myself to trust in the Lord and in the spirit, and when I do that, miracles happen baby. Well I got to go. I promise to make next week's letter juicy, full of spiritual stories, photos and all that good stuff. love all of you and thanks for the support!!! 

Love,     Elder Harper
Franco and Baylor

(email to Dad) Thanks for the email Dad! It's always inspiring. I miss you bud. I always have dreams about the fam; it's weird and of course you are always the star. haha. I forgot to ad the main letter so you can if you want but Luis is a stud!! Sunday he passed the sacrament for the first time and he said a perfect prayer in Sacrament meeting!! My joy was definitely full, seeing the fruits of baptism and seeing how far that kid has come in about a months time. And the picture thing, my room is messy but I'll clean it and shoot you a pic next week and it's really dangerous to have cameras out in the streets cuz people steal them and stuff. And you know me, I can't even converse with the people so it would be hard and awkward to pose a photo with them, but ill try idk. Thanks for the letters and the advice. You da best. love you. 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Well hello there Family!!

So this week has been a swell one. First things first, I have the package with the stocking in it but I don't know about the other stuff.  My Oakley backpack is dead, the zipper broke so all I have is the side bag which I use most anyways. Yeah and I don't think there is anything more aha. 

So this week we had a zone meeting and I got to see some pals that I haven't seen in a while. I know I'm not supposed to compare myself to others but I can see how I'm lagging on the language train, which is a little frustrating. This week was a little hard for me in a lot of ways but I always end the week feeling blessed, uplifted and ready to go. haha. We have this investigator who laughs almost every time I open my mouth. He's not trying to be mean but he's just not used to a gringo accent. I guess he can understand me but it's always super embarrassing and frustrating.  That was the only negative part of the week.

We ended up getting permission to baptize Luis!!

We went with the bishop to talk to him and his parents and at first they both said no but by the end, his mom was of agreement but the dad still thought he wasn't ready and said that he can't be baptized. But we still went on and had his baptismal interview and the next day we went back with our District leader and explained how he passed his interview and was ready to be baptized.  His mom signed the form and gave him permission but his Dad still wasn't thrilled about it. Anyways, the baptism was on Saturday and his mom and sister ended up coming!!! It was an awesome experience and I was able to baptize him. He bore powerful testimony of how reading the Book of Mormon and striving to keep the commandments has been changing his life and how through repentance and baptism, he's clean and a new person. It was pretty shhhhhwwwweet. Sunday he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood.

So The Hermanas (sisters) of Franco finally came!! Clarita and Janela. They loved it and I'm pretty sure we are going to set a baptismal date with them this week. We have been teaching the brother of the bishop. He was already taught by hermanas years back but now he has started to come to church consistently and he wants to be baptized on the 23!! So it has been a successful week.  The members have been giving us more references and helping in the work. Without the members it's almost impossible! 

So my testimony has been strengthening a lot out here. I have hard times but whenever I feel down or discouraged I just look back on why I'm here and what I know to be true.  I know with all of my heart that I'm called of God to serve the people of Peru!! and that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that we have a prophet today that speaks to God and guides this church.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and most importantly, I know that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Redeemer and only through him, I can arrive to be a better person every day.  I'm here to share that with this people and that is what makes me happy. Thanks so much for all your support. You guys are da best. I hope everyone has a great week. Keep it classy.

Muchas Thank yous

Elder Harper

(email to Dad) Well thanks for the email and pics!! Everyone is always jealous of how much mail I get hahah. Sounds like everything is going well. It stinks the surf is flat. This week I saw an old old old beater volkswagon bus rolling through the streets of Jaen and it looked like gringo surfers were driving it, but I think they were lost cuz there's no beach here. haha.  I've been getting yoked but at the same time I've been getting fat off of rice.  We just switched pinches and she feeds us toooo much , it stinks. I don't know the feeling of hunger. Fast Sunday is my favorite day. ahaha. Well te amo mas que mi vida (I love you more than my life)  ;) Thanks for being a stud.  Love you Dad

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hola Familia! 

What's good in da hood? Well danget, it sounds like you guys are having a flippin blast. Halloween
parties, parties at Grandma's house, weddings, you could at least send me an invite? jeesh ;) Well Mother the package that I don't have is lj512979518us. I have the wrapped stuff that feels soft, I have the ornaments and the letters but not the envelope stuff? and I'm guessing I should wait to read the letters, ornaments and eat the candy? idk but I'm going crazy over here. The theme this year, You Can't Coast to Higher Ground is awesome, and the picture you sent is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I cried when I saw it, basically. (note: every year our family has a Christmas theme that we base FHEs on during the months of November and December)
This is the picture that made Baylor cry when he saw it.

So to be honest not much happened this week. It was probably the worst week we've had and the slowest work wise. We had multiple citas drop everyday, investigators who aren't progressing, only taught a few lessons everyday. But the Hermanas did hook us up with this one joven (youth) named Luis Fernando. He's a stud and the sisters were teaching him but they thought we would be better to teach him cuz he's a young single man. So we've only been teaching him for a week, but he's got a baptismal date for the 9th of November. He's been to church twice and he's tearing up the Book of Mormon. Everyday that we teach him, we ask him how his reading has been and he gives us a detailed summary of all the chapters he's read. So this week was a huge testimony booster of the importance of reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.

We are teaching another man named Oscar. He's about sixty and Catholic but is really open hearted about what we say. He says he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true, but doesn't think it's important to read or pray about the Book of Mormon cuz ¨all the word of God is true¨ I know it's possible to believe something is true but the only way we can gain a true testimony, a true conversion to this Gospel, is by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to our Father with true intent if it is true. When we have a true desire, we will receive an answer from God and be willing to make changes in our lives according to the truth like Diana, Franco and Nino, and Now Fernando. They all have prayed and have a strong testimony and have changed their lives. 

So this next week we are gonna have to pray hard and help him realize that and help him enter the waters of baptism..... Well thanks for all your love. Everyone is jealous of how much email I get, even if it's basically only my family; I've got a big family. ahah Well I love you guys. Wish I could be a part of the festivities. Oh Elder Hulet's mom sent him cookies and candy, so I had a Halloween, and in Peru they like to eat pumpkin guts; it's nast stuff.

Well Chaou my friends,

Love Elder harper