Monday, January 26, 2015


Well another crazy but productive week here in Imperio.

Just want to say thanks to my ward fam for sending me the card with all  the notes on it.  There is nothing more motivating then feeling the love and support from family, friends and the ward family. So thank you very much. 

Well tomorrow is going to be the start of a new change. Changes are always sad and different at first but I've come to learn on the mish that they are necessary for our progression. There's not much change in my  district actually. Elder Anderson and I will be  destroying the streets of Imperio for at least one more change together, but we are getting a new zone leader and the era of the pure white district has come to an end, but it was fun while  it lasted. As a missionary you come to love those you teach and serve and it's the same with any type of calling or assignment in the church if we magnify it and do it with true intention. 

We are officially teaching the biggest man in Chiclayo. It's a pretty great accomplishment if you ask me. He's a 17 year old kid. My comp thinks he's 7 ft but I'm not sure he's that tall. He's super skinny and he's from a family of tiny normal Peruvians. We always just admired him as he walked by but we got the nerve to contact him and he ended up being super cool and super interested in the gospel. We taught him the restoration and he loved it.  He said he was going to pray and he wanted the church website to read more about our church. When we talked to his Grandma, she was super happy that we came. She told us that his dad left him and that his mom died and that he's a good nice kid but starting to hang with the wrong crowd and  she  wants us to come often to visit him. We  have actually found many new investigators this week but the only problem is that they love to  hear us but haven't attended church or haven't read, but we are praying hard for them and will be patient as well. 

We'll I've got more to say for once but little time so forgive me and stay tuned for next week..  love you all                       

Elder HARPER besitos

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