Thursday, January 1, 2015


Well, it's New Years Day and Pday so this is why I'm  writing for the first time in like a year.  

I'm just loving life here in my new area. It was hard to say goodbye to my old crew in Las Brisas but I'm now  here  in La Zona La Victoria Area Imperio 2.  My comp is Elder Anderson from Lago Salado (Salt Lake).  He's got the same time as Elder Bailey and he's  super chill. We are already the bestest of friends. I hope we  will have a lot of time together. I'm a District leader as well.  I wasn't too excited at first  but I'm loving it. It's helping me be a little more responsible. My district is super chill though. It's my comp, 2  sisters and the Zls  and we are all  gringos so it's pretty tight cuz I just quote in English all the time. 

Well this Saturday was  super sweet. A couple that my comp has been teaching for a while and that I recently met were baptized, Herbert and Maria. They were married in the morning and baptized in the afternoon. Even though I haven't known them for that long I got to  baptize the hubby and my comp baptized Maria. But honestly they are an amazing couple. They both have hard pasts and are still struggling with many problems (aren't we all?) But they are definitely choice people. They were contacted by 2 Elders 2 months ago. Ever since that moment, they accepted to hear the lessons and attend church every Sunday and were baptized 2 months later. They are the  first ones at church every Sunday, the only ones who go to clean the church and the only thing they want to talk about when we teach them is the temple.  Just proof that God does really prepare the hearts of  the people and the field is white already harvest. We just need to invite all to come unto Christ. 

Well I already love the area and love the people here and hope to maybe die here.  Like Ammon  says  to Lamoni in the Book of Mormon. Well I love you all an appreciate your emails and greetings this Monday. I'll write more and send  loooooots of pics.

Elder  Harper     besitos    feliz año nuevo  

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