Monday, January 12, 2015



Well like usual, your in a new area for a week and usually it goes by a little slow cuz everything is new but you close your eyes and almost a month passes by. Seriously, I can't believe I've already been here for like over a month. It's a good area. The members are sweet and there's lots of RMs who are super cool and are always down to come with us to visit. We are still struggling finding progressing investigators but we are teaching a lot. I've never taught so much in my mission before. It's awesome cuz it's the best part of the mission, sharing my testimony and inviting others to come unto Christ. There's nothing better and the spirit is always super strong. 

We basically had many experiences like my one last week. We knocked one door, a teenage girl looked out the window, then closed it and left. We knocked again. She came out and told us no but we convinced her to call her mom. Her mom came out with a grumpy face but after saying a few words, her heart softened and she opened the door and let us in. We shared a message about the family. It touched her cuz she said she was having problems with her hubby and her kids earlier and she said that she felt super peaceful throughout the lesson. She told us we can come back to teach the whole family and it's a big fam so I'm stoked. There is nothing better then teaching big families. 

We had another tender experience when teaching a less active fam. We showed them the video, Together Forever and they were touched cuz they have lost a few children. They were all crying and were motivated to strive harder to live the gospel to achieve a forever family.  The next day almost the whole fam was in church.

Well every day there are great experiences. I wish I had time to tell and testify more but I just want to let you all know that I love you and that our Father and our Savior love us even more.  They want to bless us and they will and do as we obey with exactness, as we forget about our will, leave our worldly desires behind and subject ourselves to His will.  It is the only way to a happy life and to a life eternal. Thanks for teaching me that fam.

Elder Harper

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