Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello Fam,

Well this week has been another great week. I love that there are always cool spiritual experiences. We had a meeting with President; he is just the coolest guy and really helps me feel confident and capable. He trusts me a lot and he's very inspirational. I'm really liking this district leader thing. 2 sisters in my district had a baptism and I got to do the interview. It was a pretty cool and intense moment. This guy has been receiving the missionary lessons for almost a year and over time, with patience, has gained a solid testimony of this gospel and he's really someone who has been converted. Whenever I would ask him a question, he would teach me the topic in depth like I was an investigator or something. He's and old man and is truly humble and willing to follow the Savior. 

Well we had some other experiences with crazy people. There are a lot of crazy people in La Victoria. We were walking to a lesson with a member and all of a sudden a guy sees us across the street, starts yelling and runs at us. My comp was just like crap, not this guy again and took off. I was confused but we just took off running and he was pretty close behind us. We finally lost him crossing a freeway and never saw him again. 

There was this other old crazy guy. We went to teach an investigator and we knocked on their door. An old man that always sits on the curb outside of the house yelled to us that she wasn't there, but we ignored him and kept knocking. Then he stood up and starting cussing at us. My Spanish vocabulary was expanded to say the least. He picked up like a mini log of wood and just chucked it at us. He missed but it creeped us out cuz he could of had knife or something as well. 

Besides that, we are teaching like we have never taught before. We are meeting a lot new people and have found a lot of new families and investigators that have the potential to progress. It really is an area full of humble people that also have faith in the Lord. 

We were exploring and contacting in one of our sketch parts of the area and a lady called us over and asked us to come in to teach and heal her uncle who was sick. It was cool that she was able to recognize us as representatives of Christ and that she had the faith to ask us for a blessing even though she didn't know us or the church. We went in, gave a blessing to the uncle and taught the fam. They were super grateful and want us to keep visiting them. The uncle was super sick as a result of too much drink but he's in the repentance process and hopefully will be healed according to his faith and desire to change. 

I've been trying to be guided by the spirit in every moment and I've felt its presence as I've made key decisions and as I've taught the gospel. It really is a key factor to be happy and to make the best decisions, and if we are obedient and faithful, we can be guided by it. Well I love you all and I'll try to send some pics.

Elder Harper besitos

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