Monday, January 5, 2015


Well Congrats Riley and Haley! You guys are just too cute. Welcome to the fam sis. I was debating all week wether his wedding was gonna be this week or next week. Thanks for the invite..not. But it looked like it was a good time. 

Well I'm just as happy as ever. We have been working are booties off this week and I guess that's why I'm happy. There's a few quotes in Preach My Gospel that say the key to success is hard work and if we work, we will have the spirit and if we have the spirit, we will be happy, obviously. Gotta love that spirit. 

Well it has been a really good week but kind of a hard one. My comp and I were getting a little discouraged cuz we've got a lot of cool fams and people we are teaching but no one is progressing and it seems like no one wants to go to church. Well we've been praying hard and have fasted that we would find some new progressing investigators and that the others will go to church. Towards the ends of this week all of our appointments fell through so we just went hard-core knocking doors and surprisingly we got into a bunch of doors and met lots of peeps that have potential to progress. We knocked one door yesterday and some old guy came out and said that he was busy and that he didn't live there. We kept persisting and testified a bit and he agreed to let us in. During the lesson I think the spirit touched him cuz he opened up to us and he said he had drinking problems and he wants to stop and get closer to God and that he actually lived there and he wants us to come visit him a lot to help him with his prob. Tomorrow we are gonna go see him. It was a cool moment that shows how persistence and the spirit are a powerful team. Oh and obviously fervent fast and prayer. 

Well I just realized that I wrote Thursday so I'll stop bugging you guys..guess this is all I have to say.. love you guys. Thanks for your support and thanks for being great examples for me.

Elder Harper

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