Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello family, 
Thanks so much for the unexpected package. I think I'm the most spoiled Elder in the mish and everyone hates me for it, but I LOVE it, haha. I loved the pictures and the Temple Liahona is one of the sweetest Liahonas I've ever seen. It made me real temple trunky. I think the Newport temple will be the first thing I do when I get home so write that down Mother please. I also enjoyed the wedding pics and the cruz pics. You guys are babes and I miss you.

Well it has been an epic week. We have been teaching, finding and struggling to find progressing investigators for many weeks and this week we found some studs. We were just knocking doors in a really poor part and this young man opened the door. We contacted him and asked if we could pass to share a message. He looked at us, looked in his house, looked back at me, and then told us we could come in with a smile upon his face. We starting talking to him and noticed his wife was further back in the house. She saw us and came to listen as well. We shared the Family A Proclamation To The World (my favorite lesson) and they loved it. The spirit was felt and this week we taught them 3 other times, and they went to church for all three hours, and they invited us to eat lunch with them after church, and they made me my favorite plate. They are a beautiful fam and I already love them. Their little daughters always run to hug us when we go to teach them. This week we are gonna work with them so they can get married, so pray for them. 

We have another awesome investigator named Juan.  He reminds me of my days of working in the temple.  He's 90 years old. He loves to talk and tell us his army stories but he can't hear very well. He's in good shape for a 90-year-old cuz he walks just fine and understands everything. He looks more like he's 70. He was a reference and we just started teaching him. He wants to be baptized and this Sunday he went to church with us and even though he's not a member, he payed tithing to the bishop. He's a stud and says he wants to end his life serving the Lord with all his heart. He's a great example to all of us. 

Well I'm loving being a leader even though I dreaded it and never wanted to be one. I have a low maintenance district but it's helping me become more Christ-like as I worry about the needs of not only my investigators, but other missionaries and it's helped me to recognize and act on promptings from the Lord.  This past week I prepared a class for my district meeting. It was what-evs but two days before, I felt strong impressions to talk about another theme and I followed it and studying the theme helped me and I think the class was what the Lord wanted my district to hear. The spirit was strong and words were put into my mouth. Well I'm loving it here and hope to continue having success. Thanks for all the support. I'll be praying for you guys.


Elder Harper

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