Monday, December 15, 2014


Well friends family and other loved ones,

I'm being transferred out of Las Brisas, which was very unexpected considering that they took out the sisters and are sending 2 other Elders here. So my hijito, who is new, is going to have to teach the area to 3 new missionaries, but I know he can do it cuz I'm hoping I trained him well. I'm hoping he doesn't forget about some of the beautiful people we have been working with. Even though I'm not one who loves change, I know that it is good. Sometimes we get too comfortable doing the same routine. But because of changes in life, we progress and have new opportunities to serve and to love. I'm kind of nervous cuz everyone keeps telling me I'm gonna be a district leader or zone leader but I'm not a leader. I'm more of a foot soldier, but maybe that's just what I need to change and to be better. So I'm up for whatever the Lord throws at me. 

This week we had a sweet zone  Christmas activity. We ate lunch with all the zone, did some Christmas skits and President gave us a little motivational speech. Something I enjoyed very much was an intercambio I had with my friend Elder Kasteler. This kid is a stud and a real example to me. He's only got 3 changes here but he already speaks well, has a strong testimony and more importantly, he's not afraid to open his mouth and testify. I really like a family night that we did when I was with him in the house of a member from his ward. It surprised me to find out that all the kids in this fam begged the Elders for cards of He is the Gift, cuz they loved handing them out to their friends as a way of starting gospel conversations and they always invite them to hear the missionaries. They are an impressive missionary family. The mom was recently activated and the daughters were recently baptized. Elder Kasteler started to share a message about Christmas. We asked about what they wanted and then about what we have already received, the birth of our Savior and his Atonement and how we have to apply it in our lives to accept this Christmas gift.  We also have to share it with others so they can feel the light and love of Christ and want to apply the atonement in there lives. I love Alma 7 and how it talks about that.  

Well, I'll be talking to you guys next pday, which is Christmas, not Monday, so I'll give a pre-call Christmas Eve to let you know the time,.. Oh and Juan Carlos went to church and he was super excited so lots of progress you all and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Elder Harper

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