Monday, March 31, 2014


Ricardo's Baptism - last week
Hola Familia! 

Well how goes it everyone!! This week was just another average week in the mission; it was a very good week. Thursday was a pretty epic day.  Thursday our whole zone did a Mormon Batallion. What we did is we all went to an area called Santur, where there is only one member and we knocked doors for 2 hours to help the Elders there get more investigators.  Santur is about an hour and a half away from our area so we had to take a sketch van again, which always scares me a bit haha. We were going to go alone but at the last minute, we called some youth from the Group. We called Angel, a teacher who has been a member for 4 years, and we called Ricardo, who is a priest and was just baptized. We invited them to come with us so we could do splits and so they could have an opportunity to learn how to be missionaries. I didn't think they would say yes cuz we called last minute and the event was going to take all day but they got super stoked and decided to come with us. We gave Ricardo a shirt and tie and all. 

These youth really impress me because there is no way I would have had enough courage to knock doors with missionaries before the mission. But we all head out and when we got to Santur, I went with Ricardo and my comp went With Angel. We started to knock doors and we didn't have too much success but I was impressed that even though Ricardo is a recent convert and doesn't have much experience or knowledge, he wasn't afraid to talk to people and share his simple testimony of our Savior and the restored Gospel. The last door we knocked, we were able to get into a house and we taught the restoration right off the bat. It was cool cuz I had to take the lead on everything and I had to basically teach it all.  It helped me realize what it would be like if I had to train a newbie in a week cuz transfers are next week. I know it will be super hard but it will help me grow and it will help me come out of my shell even more. But anyways, Ricardo loved it and wants to do splits with us more often now and is giving us references and all. 

Well this Sunday was a little stressful.  Stake President came to see how things were going in Chongoyape and came to our sacrament meeting. The attendance has been lowering; we only had 20 people at church this week.  I blessed the sacrament for the first time in Spanish and the hermano that was going to teach priesthood didn't show up so I had to teach the priesthood class. Something that I've been learning in this area is that you always have to be ready to teach a class or give a talk, which has been helping me a lot. That night we went to the Cria to do training with their ward council. I had to stand in front of 20 leaders of the church with the other elders and teach them how ward councils need to work. I was pretty nervous considering they all know more than me but it turned out pretty well I think. Well I don't have much more to write, we are teaching a joven (youth) that is super sweet. We have only taught him twice and he accepted the baptism challenge without a date so were are gonna be working hard with him this week. Well that is all for now. Love you guys.

besitos,     Elder Harper

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