Monday, March 24, 2014


Hola Familia!!!

Well this week has been a pretty good one. I was a little ill but I have managed to conquer my sickness. I've been taking photos but the internet here is sketch. The first time it erased all my photos but my comp was able to recover them. I just gave my  adaptor to my comp to upload the photos of the baptism but he said it just erased all his photos, soo I have photos but I'm scared to try to send them sooo I'm soorrry and I'll try to find a solution cuz I know it's almost been a month without photos.

Well Friday was the baptism and everything went pretty well. Usually in this area we baptize in the nearest river but Ricardo wanted to be baptized in the font of the Cria, which is the ward that is 30 minutes away. SO the missionaries of the Cria prepared everything and we went to the Cria with some of the youth of Chongoyape. I baptized Ricardo and later we had a program with talks and us four elders sang a musical number. And it wasn't a hymn, it was an EFY song. I don't think it sounded very good but Ricardo loved it soo all is well. We didn't have the opportunity to teach Ricardo very much before his baptism but I'm already super impressed with his character. The kid knows a ton about the gospel and already wants to go teach with us. He's been a huge help getting the youth here excited to go to seminary and all the activities. It's a little rough for him cuz his family doesn't accept what he's doing and recently his house burned but he's a super happy person and has a very strong testimony. This kid definitely is an example to me.

Earlier this week we did some splits and I spent a day with my district leader in Chongoyape. In this day we had a lesson with the family I told you about. It probably was one of the most spiritual lessons I've had for many reasons. This family we have visited for a long time. They love what we teach and sometimes they come to church but the mother Isabel never has attended an activity or church. In this lesson, only Isabel and Reina, her daughter, were there cuz her husband Marcos was sick in bed. We watched a short video with her called ´´Together Forever´´. We explained about eternal families and a little about temples cuz they have received all the lessons. During the video and everything she looked a little distracted but after we taught a little my comp asked a classic question, he asked ´´How do you feel about all the things the elders have taught you´´. There was a little pause and she said ´´Do you want me to tell you the truth?´´ I was a little scared when she said that but she told us that every time the elders come, she feels something special and she feels happy and peaceful and she forgets all her worries. We reminded her about the spirit and how it testifies that the things we teach are true but as we explained she stopped and said that she already knows that what we teach is true. She believes the Church is true and she began to list a bunch of reasons why she believes it is true, including miracles she's seen from blessings of health (we gave a blessing to Reina one day when she was super ill and when the mom returned from work she was already better) and how we were saved in the accident. Honestly, she just opened up and poured out all her thoughts and her fears. She told us she doesn't come cuz she's afraid her friends will make fun and stuff, but after teaching her of faith and action, she promised us she would attend church. She also told us that she felt super sick before the lesson but during it she only felt peace. To be honest, I also felt terrible before but the spirit was soo strong during this lesson. We were really guided by the spirit and hopefully very soon this family will be baptized.

Well not much else has happened. We need to find some new investigators cuz there's a lot that just don't progress. Thanks for all the love and support and I'll see you guys really soon. Love you all.

Elder Harper

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