Monday, March 10, 2014

I think I'm...the President of the Young Women…

The Combi Bus accident Baylor was in (found pic in an online news article)
What up peeps of the Harper Household!!! 

Well thank you all for the emails and for your loving, it definitely means a lot. This week was another Great week in Chongoyape. Being the priesthood leaders of our family group is some pretty hard work. We basically have to do everything like plan and direct the activities, direct Sacrament meeting and teach the classes. One of the first days I asked my comp if there are home teachers here, he just laughed and said ´´Yes, we are the home teachers´´. I think I'm the official teacher of the youth class on Sunday, which basically means I'm the President of the Young Women cuz there are only 2 youth males and they stay with the men. Already this area has been stretching me but it is difintely a blessing cuz I know I'll be able to progress much faster and hopefully be able to play a role in changing the lives of the People here. 

As far as the teaching and investigators go, it's been a little hard. I've noticed that there are a bunch of people we teach that the Elders have known for a while and just dont progress and go to church. We also work a lot with teaching the members and less actives so that the group will stay strong because the people here don't have a lot of knowledge or experience in the church. 

We are working really hard with a family that has a lot of potential, a couple and their 12 year old daughter. They always let us teach them and they come to church most of the time as well.  They are super grateful for what we have taught them and we also have done lots of service for them. They believe the Book of Mormon is true and what we teach is true but they don't feel prepared to be baptized. The father has really good desires.  I taught him the other day when we went on splits with some youth and he asked if it is possible if he could become like us one day and have the ability to teach the word of God. He asked what the preperation is like spiritually and written (not sure what he meant to say here). It made me think and kind of shocked me cuz I'm just a litte gringo that can barley speak Spanish and am not the best speaker, but we were able to explain to him that it all starts with desires. If we have the desires to serve God and our fellowman no matter what our wekanesses may be, God will strengthen us and mold us to fit this calling. If we keep the commandmetns, love the Lord and strive forward humbly we can do all.

Well thank you all for your concerns. I'm glad to be alive and loving life and the mish. I hope to speak to you all next week.

Elder Harper

To Dad:
Hey thanks for the concern and for the email Pops. I was sleeping before the whole thing happened and it happened so fast. Honestly I'm concerned that my adrenalin never kicked in. I was pretty calm the whole time, like that video of Elder Nelson and the plane crash ;) So I still have everything and Hermana Risso sent me new suitcases and a pillow. I hope everything  is going well Pops. I love you and miss you. Oh and I'm going to Lima tomorrow to work out my Visa stuff, pray that the plane doesn't crash hahaa. yeah love yuuuuuh

Here is the link to the Elder Nelson - plane crash video Baylor was referring to:

Pics of Baylor's  new area, Chongoyape

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