Monday, March 17, 2014

I WAS DEMOTED from Young Women's President to Primary President...

Mommy and Friends, 

Well this week was a little weird cuz I spent more time out of my area then in my area. Tuesday morning we woke up at 5 in the morning and drove to the airport to leave for Lima, all the missionaries from Ecuador went and me and a couple other Americans. Not gonna lie, a felt a little trunky being on an airplane again, like I was already ending my mission or something haha. Well we arrived in lima at 9 or 10 in the morning and with the rest of the gringos we went straight to this immigration center. There I had to wait in line for hours. I saw some interesting people from Spain, France, Italy and America. I also met two other missionaries, one from Mexico and one from Washington who started his mission two weeks ago. Not gonna lie, it felt good seeing a newbie trying to speak Spanish. It made me realize that I have progressed un pocito. So I was in this building basically all day. Finally i got my ID license thing and a worker from the church took us to eat. I ate I nice fat Lomo Saltado and we headed directly back to the airport. I was sooo close to the temple but yet sooo far away. 

Wednesday I was in the area of my district leader cuz he and my comp had a meeting to go to for leaders, which means I might get a new comp next change and it's probable that I'll be compañero mayor, which scares me cuz there is a lot of hard work to do in this area and more than just normal missionary work.

Well honestly, not much happened this week. Sunday I directed Sacrament meeting again, a speaker didn't show up so I had to give a talk on the spot, but it wasn't that bad cuz there was only like 15 people there sadly. I was demoted from Young Women's president to Primary President this week, which taught me a lot of patience. Every week 2 jóvenes from the nearest barrio come to do splits and to help us out in the church. Honestly, the youth of this barrio have been such an example to me. The kids have so much energy and excitement to share the gospel and are already so prepared to go on missions. They remind me of the 2000 Stripling warriors. Consejo de barrio is just filled with teens and when the bishop asks for a favor to visit a member or less active they stand up and practically fight over who gets to go, in church they give classes and talks on the spot. I feel like they are more prepared to serve then I am haha. 

This Saturday we are going to have a baptism. His name is Ricardo. The truth is we haven't even taught him yet cuz 2 sets of Elders ago taught him. He wanted to be baptized but his dad didn't give him permission.  Later he moved to Lima with his mom and continued going to church and he just recently moved back and his dad is gonna let him be baptized now. It's exciting! we are gonna prepare him real good this week so he knows everything and has no doubts. Well I'm gonna make my week more interesting.  I'm not too great at contacting but I've been trying harder to do it more and better so I'll let you know how it goes next week. Hopefully a few doors get slammed in my face. Well I love you all but I gots to go ......

Elder Harper 

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