Monday, April 7, 2014


Fam bam!
 Well how goes it family? Sounds like you had a fun time in San Diego this weekend! I loved the pictures and all.  I hope you have all repented and watched all the sessions of General Conference haha just kiddin, but seriously.

Well this week was another great one! General Conference weekend is always the best! I loved it except for the fact that I was only able to watch 2 sessions. Saturday morning we had to take a bus to the Cria to watch Conference which is 40 minutes away. The chapel was all set up with a projector and big screen and everything but the internet was suppper dupper slow. The conference would play for 30 seconds and then pause for a minute, it was awful and sadly we got nothing out of it. The same thing happened in the afternoon sesh but we returned back to Chongoyape before priesthood and got permission to watch conference in a cyber. The internet was super clear and I got to watch it in English. It definitely was a tender mercy from the Lord and the spirit was super strong. 

Sunday morning we had to take the whole ward and investigators to the Cria to watch conference. It was super stressful cuz we had to rent a bus and make sure that everybody was going to come and we had to trust that the internet was going to let our members and investigators watch the conference and feel the spirit. We ended up having 22 members come with us, which is super awesome and the internet never even paused during the morning session, which was another miracle. The spirit was super strong and the members loved it and were grateful for the opportunity that they had to hear a prophet. We returned to Chongoyape with everyone and after we dropped them off we went back to the Cria to watch the afternoon sesh and the internet was back to how it was Saturday. So overall I am happy and feel so blessed that the Lord allowed that the conference could be perfect for that one session and that the members and investigators from Chongoyape could go. We spent the whole week testifying of prophets and apostles and in the end everything worked out and the members were able to strengthen their testimonies. 
Well we got word that my comp has cambio and I will be getting a new comp tomorrow. It's gonna be super hard if I'm senior companion and in charge of everything that happens in this ward but I know that the Lord will train me and help me overcome my weaknesses. There is a lot of potential in this group and I hope that I can be a positive force in this area. 

We haaave  a baptism this Saturday! We have been teaching a kid named Paul for a few weeks. He's 11 years old  and his mom passed away 1 month ago at the age of 30. It has been super hard for him but he has really understood the plan of salvation and knows that he will be able to see his mother again one day. He lives with his uncles, who are members, so he has a strong support system. We are also teaching a joven that has 17 years, named Jostyn. We have taught him 3 or 4 times and he is super stoked. I forget who gave the talk but there was a powerful talk about personal revelation and how if we have a sincere heart and ask in faith we can always rely on the promise in Moroni and the Lord will reveal us the truth of all things. We teach so many people this but it seems like rarely they do it.  Jostyn did it after the second lesson and said that he felt the spirit strongly and knows the things we have taught him are true. It is so simple but so powerful. We already put a baptism date for him for May 3!  Well this is all I have to say this week but I love you all and I will be praying for you guys.  Thanks for the love and support!!

besitos,  Elder Harper

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