Monday, March 30, 2015


Familia and Friends!

Well I just want to say how blessed I feel and how thankful I am for all the miracles that I've seen thanks to the love of the Lord and the faith of others. 

This Saturday our hermanito Juan was baptized! We were afraid that it wasn't going to happen cuz he was going to travel back to his home town in Bagua but thanks to the rain, traveling has been super sketch in Peru (as Zach knows) and so he decided to stay. We prepared him well this week and went over the baptismal questions. It was funny when we discussed chastity with this viejito.  He just laughed and said don't worry Elders, the next time I get married, it will be to death.  It sounded funnier in Spanish. But this guy is hilarious and even though he's always suffering from pains he always has a huge smile on his face and makes great old people jokes and has some epic stories as well; I love the dude haha.  Well he had his interview and he said that he felt a huge burden was lifted off of his shoulders for confessing his sins. 

The baptism was supposed to start at 5. He showed up at 4:50 with his fam and the rest showed up at 5:30, la hora Peruana (the Peruvian hour).  It was a spiritual experience and as tradiciones go, my son baptized him, his first time in the water. And he's a stud cuz it wasn't easy. We had to attempt several times since he's fragile and was afraid to fall back but finally he was able to be submerged thanks to the Lord. He bore his testimony in the meeting and the next day he showed up to church in a suit. We were able to confirm him and he bore his testimony again in Sacrament Meeting; he's a stud.

Christian is also progressing. His baby received its blessing in church yesterday and he asked us to stand in the circle. He also committed to be baptized the 16th of May cuz he's gonna get married the 10th of May. He's a stud and one of my good good friends in this area. We also had a cool lesson on Sunday. 

There's this kid named Fabio who we met last week cuz we taught his sister-in-law but she's never home so we decided to contact and teach him. Yesterday we taught him for the second time and taught him about baptism.  Afterwords we asked if he had any questions and he said yes, what do I need to do to be baptized? We explained to him and asked if he had another question and he said yes, when can I be baptized?! It was a pretty sick moment. We are gonna work with this kid hard cuz he has a strong desire to change and be baptized even though he doesn't have a lot of knowledge. He's got a lot of faith. 

Well it's been a real great week.  Got more to say but no time. I'm stttttooooooked for conference; it's gonna be epic, favorite day of the mish haha.   Well love you guys ..

besitos Elder Harper

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