Monday, March 2, 2015



Well this week has been good but a little challenging, like every week is.  I'm still pretty dang sick but I talked to the wife of my Pres and she said it was just a virus and that it would last 10 days. So it's been 7 and I feel a lot better but still not too pleasant.  For the first time I chucked in a member's house, but they don't know.  It was the house of Mariah and Hebert, our converts. They invited us over for lunch.  I was feeling fine, confident, maybe a little in over my head  (whatever that means). We said the prayer, I took a bite, put down the fork, asked Mary if I could use the bathroom, got to the bathroom and boom, magic happened.  I cleaned it up and no one suspected a thing.

Well Hermano Juancito is so awesome  but there's just some things he doesn't understand. We explained to him that he has to go to church for all three hours to be prepared to be baptized. He understood in the moment but every Sunday he bails after the second hour and says it's like an emergencia or something.  But he's awesome cuz since we've been teaching him, he hasn't missed a single Sunday and he's the fist one there.  Usually our ward mission leader goes to pick him up but when he doesn't, he walks even though he's old and doesn't walk very well.  He's dedicated, he just forgets cuz he's old so we need more patience and time so Juan can enter the waters of baptism.

Well we were searching hard this week for less actives using our ward directory. Well we were in this sketchy part of town and bammm, we knocked on a door and nobody was there. So we go to another house and on the way, we pass this house were a women was sitting by the window with her daughter. She sees us, ducks inside and closes the door. We were just passing by.  After some time, we realized that that house was the house of a less active so we knocked and the husband answered and let us in.  He was a talker and told us his whole inactivation story.  It was interesting being inside the brain of a less active to see how it all happens.  Well he said that he recognized his mistakes but his wife and his kids are lost and don't want anything to do with the church. He said they were baptized 7 years ago and everything was happy and beautiful with peace and love in the home. But he said that just little-by-little, his family was destroyed by not doing the little things. He said at first it was maybe they'd forget to say family prayers,  then it was Family Home Evening.  Later they missed a Sunday here and there and it kept progressing and now the family is in ruins except their 2 sons that made it by going on missions. Well the dad wants to come back but he said that his wife will be super challenging cuz she no longer has a testimony. Well my comp and I feel blessed for having found this family and we are excited to begin working with them if they let us in. 

Well I don't have much else to say. I'm having a good time and know that I'm in the right place and I'm exced to keep working to bring souls to Christ.

love you guys 
Elder Harper

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