Monday, March 9, 2015


Hola Familia! 

Well this week has been pretty interesting.  I still wasn't feeling better and I had some gnarly symptoms.  I didn't wanna go to the doctor (cuz that's how my mother raised me) but my comp basically forced me to. We had an appointment but we had to wait almost 3 hours.  It was terrible but I got to experience air conditioning for the first time in a while.  The doctor just prescribed me some pills and right now I basically feel fine. 

Well something that was a faith builder for me was when I asked my comp to give me a priesthood blessing.  In my mission I've given millions of priesthood blessings but I think it might have been one of the first times that I actually have asked for one, and it was powerful. I think as a missionary I've always had the mindset that we have the priesthood and use it to serve, bless, baptize and confirm but it was awesome experiencing personal blessings from the power of the priesthood. And now I feel so much more grateful for this power that God has given to men for our salvation. 

Well it was a slow week cuz we basically did a deep cleaning. We left all the investigators who didn't progress and started searching again. We used the ward directory to try to find less actives and it was kind of a joke hah, cuz in the updated war directory, all the names are less actives and they all had moved years ago. Well we found a less active named Christian who was baptized less than a year ago. He is super cool. We found him, taught him a couple times and he went to  church all in the same week so that was  pretty successful.  And he has a testimony. It's just that lots of family problems have dragged him away. 

I had another cool experience. We contacted this girl who's from a different church and after awhile, she finally let us in to teach her and her grandpa. We gave her a restoration pamphlet and she was intensely focusing on the the picture of the first vision. She interrupted us and asked us if we could explain it cuz she said she felt like she had seen it many times before. We explained the restoration and she was intrigued. She then asked, "Does this mean God and Jesus are two separate people?"  It was powerful being able to testify of the nature of the Godhead. The spirt was strong and she said she would pray to see if it was true. 

Well my comp, Elder Anderson, has a change and it's kinda of sad cuz we have been the best of buds. There has probs been too much laughter.  He will be missed but I'm excited to learn from my next comp. 

Love you all besitos

Elder Harper

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