Monday, February 23, 2015



How is it goin?  I've been pretty sick but I'm pretty used to it in the mish. 

Well this week I did a work visit with the Zls and it was pretty fun.  We contacted for a bit and the first door we knocked on was this open door with this old lady inside. We knocked and she was doing something in the kitchen but didn't give us the time of day. I just thought she was ignoring us but we kept knocking and yelled, Good Afternoon. She finally looked at us and came to the door. We introduced ourselves and soon realized that she didn't hear anything, so we had to shout and she finally understood and let us in to teach her. Well it probably was the worst lesson I've had since the CCM.  Seriously, it reminded me of my days trying to learn Spanish.  We would yell something and she wouldn't hear so the member that was with us just red a scripture and we bounced. Well it was pretty sad but pretty funny at the same time, you just had to be there. 

Well we've been working hard with this viejito, Juan, the 90 year old one. Well this viejito is super productive and he was tired of sitting around all day so he made his house into a cyber cafe to get some extra dough. Well we went to visit him with the ward mission leader and had a great lesson. We had planned on inviting him to be baptized again and just when we were inviting him to be baptized, a bunch of kids walked in to use the computers. Well Coach Juan, Super Man Juan, our ward mission leader, came to the rescue and offered to finish the lesson in his taxi.  It was a lil awk at first but we continued testifying and invited him to be baptized with a date. Well he accpeted and said that he wants to prepare himself to be baptized. Well in order to be baptized, an investigator has to attend church 3 times for all 3 hours and Juan goes every week but only has been once for all 3 hours. So we set up a date hoping he would stay all 3 hours the next 2 Sundays before his scheduled baptism. It turns out that he could only stay the first hour so we are gonna have to change the date but it's all good cuz Prez always says that we aren't hurried to baptize but we are in a hurry to teach and convert. Juan has already made the decision to be baptized so we are gonna keep leading him down the narrow path. 

Well it's been a good week, even though I've been super weak physically the Lord has carried me and I've probably worked harder then I've ever worked before. The mission is exhausting but it's amazing and I learn new things every day and have great experiences.  Well love you fam, thanks for the support,

Elder Harper 


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