Monday, February 16, 2015

THE SPIRIT has been STRONG in our WORK and THAT is really ALL I COULD ASK FOR....


How y'all doin? It's been another great weak here in Imperio. Nothing too exciting but the work keeps advancing.

We basically live in a zoo. My pension is the dark alley way between my house and my pensionistas house and there's always like millions of animals who beg us for food, like rabbits and ginny pigs.. I've only seen like one lama since I've been in Peru; it's pretty disappointing. 

Well the ward mission leader is probably the best one that I've had in all my mission. He is super humble and a hard worker.  This guy works in a taxi and is busy but we can call him in any minute and he drops what he's doing to help us or teach a lesson with us. And usually every Sunday he drives to all of our investigators' houses to pick them up and bring them to church. Well this Sunday his car broke down in the morning. He said that he was discouraged and just said to himself, Well I'll just have to hope and pray that they get there on their own. And then he said he thought to himself again and said that there was something he could do...This man is old, a little on the bigger side and has diabetes so it's hard for him to walk. But Sunday morning he walked to everyone of their houses to pick them up, and the majority of them couldn't even go but he just kept walking and he even picked up our 90 year old investigator and they both walked to church and I don't know how, but they were like the first ones there. This guy is a huge example to me of the faith and dedication to the Lord's work. He definitely magnifies his calling. 

Well we had another little tender mercy this week. We walked far away to an investigators house that we had a lesson with and after knocking for a bit we found that they weren't there. We started heading back and after walking not too long, we had an impression that we should write them a little note telling them we passed by and inviting them to church. Well as I was writing the note, a taxi pulled up and started talking to my comp. I thought he was just asking him directions. I went over to see what was up and he told me that his daughter was a less active member and that his family took the lessons years ago but the elders got changed and they fell away from the church. He told us that his life hadn't been the same since and that he wants us to teach him, he wants to get married and he wants to get baptized. He told us to hop in his car and took us to meet his fam and they were all super nice. So it looks like we are going be working hard with this fam in these next few weeks so they can achieve their goals that they have contact ever.

We are also teaching this sweet dude named Luis.  He's 30, separated from his wife, is an alcoholic and likes to smoke weed as well in his free time. Well this guy is pretty legit cuz he has a strong desire to change and come to know Christ. We've been teaching him for a few weeks and I think he's been a week without drinking. He wanted us to sell him a Book of Mormon cuz he said in the library where he works they sell them for only 20 soles..what a bargain..well we are gonna give one to him for free. Well that's all I have to say. The spirit has been strong in our work and that is really all I could ask for. Thanks for the support and we shall speak soon. 


Elder Harper
This is the alley way between my home and and our pensionista's home.  This is where we eat. 

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