Monday, February 9, 2015


Hey Fam, 

Well I think I've started every letter, ever journal entry and every email with well. Well, I don't know why but just forgive me for now. 

Soo, this week was pretty good. We had a multizona, which was just like a meeting with many zones. President Williams talked for 5 hours;  he is the bomb and definitely fits the description of an inspirational speaker. One of his little talks he gave us had to do with the Lucas 9:23; in order to come unto Christ we have to forget ourselves and take up our cross daily. The way he explained it was very epic. I also did some further study on taking up our cross. It means keeping the commandments and living the fullness of the Gospel. He compared it to keeping the mission rules and used exercising in the morning as an example: like how exercising for every morning for 2 years sounds hard and sometimes it intimidates us and we don't do it but he focused on the word daily and how we need to tell ourselves to do it today, just today, and then tomorrow comes and turns into today. It's the same with the Gospel. I think when we think about following Christ, we worry too much about the future or about if we are going to be able to endure to the end, but the Lord only requires to take it one day at a time. 

Well it was a cool class and then that same day we went to go teach a less active who was close to being rescued. She came out of her house and she was just bawling. She didn't tell us what had happened but she said that she wasn't happy and had been passing through a lot of trials and that she felt like giving up and she couldn't do it anymore. She also said that she felt like God was angry at her and she seemed like she was a little angry at God for the trials she has faced in her life. Well it was cool cuz at first I listened and then the spirit prompted me to know what to say. I was able to calm her down a bit and then explain to her the purpose of this life and the love God had for her and how she needs to be more humble and thank God for the trials she has and ask for the strength to over come them. I've come to learn on my mish that if we are grateful and humble we can always be happy no matter what the circumstance is. Well we are having investigators who are assisting church now so we are excited to see how they progress. Well the time always runs out for me but thanks for the emails. You guys are you all.

Elder Harper  besitos

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