Monday, September 8, 2014


Well this week was definitely a toughhhh one. Because of the situation with my comp, we hadn't
worked very hard and sometimes I just feel like I'm wasting the Lord's time. The highlight was a talent show we did. There were a lot of cool dances and songs from their Peruvian culture. My comp didn't want me to play my harmonica but we did a couple of cool funny sketches with other missionaries.

Well we have even more rules in the mission. We can no longer teach youth unless their parents are baptized members. President really wants us to focus on families and even though it's gonna be a lot harder to have success, I like it cuz I've always wanted to baptize a complete family. It's my dream and I hope it happens. 

We are still working hard with Oscar. He's progressing cuz he's reading, praying, attending church and he even calls us so we can teach him. His only problem with his baptism is that he feels like he has only received half of his answer but still hasn't received his other half. He says if he doesn't receive it by a certain date, he doesn't know if he will be baptized. He's an interesting character but we are working with him. What we really need to do is leave all the investigators we have that aren't progressing and find new ones. President wants us to have 100 contacts a week and we do less than a fourth of that sometimes. 

This week I strengthened my testimony of the power of fasting and of bearing our testimony in sacrament meeting. It can strengthen our testimony and helps the spirit to be more abundantly with us .. Well I'm definitely learning lots of Christ-like attributes and I'm trying to be strong. I love the mission and I love this Gospel.
Thanks for the support folks,


Elder Harper

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