Monday, September 15, 2014

THE MISSION is the HARDEST THING i HAVE ever DONE but i think that is WHY i LOVE it SO MUCH...

Well my dearest Family and Friends, 

Life is Great and I love it. The mission is the hardest thing I've ever done but I think that is why I love it so much. This week was a little slow as far as the progress with our investigators. This week we had zero investigators come to church. Oscar hasn't really progressed much either but we really haven't been able to teach him much this week cuz he works all day and in the nights he goes to the church's institute classes. He's loving the young adult scene. He just needs a little push from his friends to take this step of faith to be baptized. 

Well I definitely learned the lesson of being persistent this week. Sometimes we have to leave people when they don't progress but I don't know, with some people I just feel prompted to go to their house over and over again even when they don't let us in their house. Like the story I told a few weeks back with the kid who contacted us in the street and lead us to the house of his family that was an inactive family. Well for the past month and a half we have gone to that house almost 3 times a week and every time they have rejected us, in a friendly way. But last Monday I felt that we should try again and even though the mother said she was busy, I persisted and we entered and we ended up becoming best friends with all the family. In like an hour they told us stories of their times in the church and with the missionaries that baptized them and I think it was an experience that really gave them a wake up call. 

Another experience is with a non member named Pamela. She's the lady we visited who has cancer. Well time after time we have knocked her door after the first visit but her mom always told us that she wasn't there and had traveled. Well this week we got a call that she wanted us to visit her and so we went and found out that right now she isn't doing so hot. She has a lot of pain her legs and thinks t the cancer is back. Well she asked for a blessing and we gave her one, and taught her a little as well. She was very grateful and said that during the time we were there she didn't feel pain and only felt peace. Well let's hope that she will get better soon but more importantly that her family can accept this gospel so they can be a forever family no matter what happens to her. Well I love this work so much and it makes me sad how fast the time flies cuz I know there is much more I can do for the Lord. Well I love you all and I pray for you guys every morning and night. Keep fighting the good fight and we shall speak the next pday.

Elder Harper

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