Monday, September 22, 2014

WE are NOT HERE to BAPTIZE but to CONVERT.....

Famiilly of mine!!! 

I love all of the pics you have sent me but ..did we move? Well I sure hope not. To be honest this week was probably the least productive week of my mission but I just had to accept it knowing that things are going to change from here on out. Saturday I was invited to a leader training, and Sunday night we got the call telling us the transfers. My comp is gonna finish his mish in another area and I'm gonna stay here in Las Brisas, training a newby. I'm pretty stoked even though I know being a trainer is a lot of responsibility. But I feel really good about it and I'm pretty sure we are gonna have lots of success. President Williams told us something cool. He said that I bet you guys think you are here cuz it's your time, but he told us that I had nothing to do with how much time or experience we might have had but that the Lord has called us and that we are the best the mish has. Tomorrow is when I'll receive my new comp. In this leader meeting with President he also hit us hard with the subject of less actives. If I remember correctly he said that there are 1,300,000 members in Peru and there are only 400,000 active members.  He made it clear to us that we are not here to baptize but we are here to convert whether it be new members or less-actives, but they need to be converted. 

Well Sunday the Family Castillo came to church! This is the family that we found a while back but recently they opened their doors to us. The whole family came except the mom and they even brought their cuz who isn't a member. The classes were definitely inspired cuz one the daughters is a 22 year old widow and has a 2 year old child and the class was about the temples and work for the dead. We are gonna keep working hard with this fam so they can become converted once again to the gospel. We are still teaching Pamela as well. She is reading the Book of Mormon and is really starting to open up to us. The problem is that she has to travel to Lima this week to have a check up on her cancer, and if everything is ok, she's gonna come back but if not, she's gonna live there for a while to receive her treatments. So everyone pray for Pamela and her fam and let's hope that everything turns out ok.

Well I have learned so much in the mish and I have loved every second but now it's time to step it up and give everything I got and more to the Lord. I know now that I'm officially in charge and can't give any excuses. I love this work and I'm so grateful for all  the opportunities my Father in Heaven gives me to learn and grow and strengthen my weaknesses that I have. Well this shall be all for now! Love you all.

Elder Harper

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