Monday, June 9, 2014



Well fisrt off, I've gots to say congrats Riley and Haley. You guys are just tooo cute and I'm super excited for the future of us 3. And sorry fam for not writing last week; we had to go to Chiclayo to do a few things and we didn't get back in time to write. The good news is I was able to take some pics but I think a lot of the pics from the past got erased, some are backed up and some aren't.

Well these past few weeks have been pretty good. I just don't know what to write anymore haha. We have been trying to find new people to teach because nobody is progressing. We teach all day and the people accept us in their houses but they wont commit to come to church! This week we had 26 people in church, which was a pretty good number but just about more than half are women. We have a big Relief Society, a normal class of youth and 1 or 2 priesthood holders that come. The sad truth is that this group doesn't grow cuz there's no priesthood and the majority of the men here don't work here. They work outside to pay for their wife and kids but don't see them often; its sad. But we are working hard to find some men that are ready to accept the gospel and progress. 

Rocita is super discouraged and really doesn't want to hear us or go to church. She won't tell us why but we all know it's cuz her dad doesn't want her to participate. Marcos and Isabel have had a testimony for  almost a year now but they are just too busy and won't come to church. It makes me sad to see people come so close but not partake of this gospel. Preach My Gospel teaches that we should take it seriously when people don't follow through with the commitments that we give them, including church attendance and baptism cuzzzz it all depends on their salvation!!!! 

This area is super hard. It looks like I only have 1 week left here but if I really have 8 more weeks, so be it. (The President is leaving to go home, so this cambio is 4 weeks and the next transfer is 8 weeks.) It's Gods will and not mine. There is a reason for everything and maybe I still have yet to give it my all in Chongoyape. But what I have learned is to love the people. Despite that they don't progress I really love the people. The youth are like my best friends and there are some families that treat me like I'm there son. I feel so loved here by the people and by my Heavenly Father. And I've been able to develop a love for many here. I'm a blessed boy and I'm excited to keep progressing and to keep looking for new ways to serve and love. 
Oh and I learned that wickedness never was happiness!! Maybe not from experience but I was approached by about 5 drunks this week and all of them came up to me saying that what we are doing is good and that they want to change and that they aren't happy and a bunch of other stuff that I couldn't understand too well cuz drunks are hard to understand.. Well I love you all keep on keepin' on and we shall see each other on the other side..

Elder Harper

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