Monday, June 16, 2014


Happppy Fathers Day Dadddyyy!!! 

I hope you had a great Father's Day Dad. I miss my best friend! Thanks for being such a great father and a great example to me. I taught priesthood this Sunday, (only one person was in the class) and the lesson was about the responsibilities of Fathers in the home. It talked about how the most important duty of a father is to lead and teach their family by example. When the patriarch of the family is faithful to the commandments and tries to be more like Christ every day, the family will follow his example. I know that I'm in the mission cuz of you Pops, cuz of your love for us and for the Lord.

Well I don't have much time cuz I have transfers...well I'm still in Chongoyape but tomorrow I'll find out who my new comp is and where my new area is. I'm sad to leave behind so many people I have came to love as I have served them, especially my little youth Group but I'm happy with my work and how I have changed here. I'm grateful to my Father in Heaven for this time he has given me here, and I'm excited to move on and meet and serve new people and hopefully grow more along the way as well. 

Well this week was a pretty good one. We did splits with the zone leaders and I got a taste of the chaotic life of a zone leader. I think I gained more respect for what they do and maybe one day I'll have an opportunity to be a leader as well in the mish. Well we have been teaching the stepdaughter of Tempora. She has been progressing and going to church and we invited her to be baptized. She has desires to change and wants to be baptized but she would not accept a date because tomorrow she leaves for Lima and is going to come back but is not sure when. So I hope my comp will still be there when she gets back cuz it took a while to gain her trust. She is very shy and after 3 weeks of teaching her, we finally got her to pray in a lesson! haha She is loving the gospel and knows that she needs to repent and be cleansed of her past life and be an example for her younglings.  Well sorry but this is all. I'm nervous to leave but I'm super pumped to continue in the work. I love you all and I'll let you know how it goes next week.

Besitos, Elder Harper

(a separate note to Dad)

Happy Fathers Day Pops!! I love you bud...I love the pic..I've been running with my convert Ricardo. He's pretty talented but I can still take him in my fat stage.  I trained him up for the Chongoyape Anniversary Race and he won!! I would of ran but it wasn't on Pday.  How you doing bud? is the surf any good?  I won't be able to send pictures today but next Monday I'll be out of Chongayape and I'll send a load of pics my friend.. How's your calling and how's your spiritual life? How are the wife and kids? Tell me all about yourself..

Well it looks like I'm gonna be senior comp from here on out. I'm a little scared but I'm stoked cuz I know the Lord has helped me grow a lot and it's my time to shine. I think I've let my comps hold me back a little in the past because of my shyness but I'm gonna explode this change buddy. I'll try to make you proud but most of all my Father in Heaven.. well I love you and miss you...should I go to BYUh, or BYUi..I'll go where you want me to go dear Tom.

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