Monday, June 23, 2014



Well just a shout out to Riley Harper, Riley Jones and KidIzarus and I congratulate them for being one year older in life. Well I just wanna let everyone know that I'm safe and sound and probably Happier  than I have  ever been in my life. The mission is hard. I'm a little man but sometimes I feel like crying for the hardships and for the people that are so close to receive the gospel but just don't. But in spite all this I'm just super happy. Every day I can feel myself growing spiritually (and physically)  stronger and happier. 

Well friends I'm no longer in Chongoyape. It was really hard leaving some of the people behind. I feel like I abandoned my little sheepsies but I know that they are in good hands and I will never forget them and the experiences I shared with them. The good news is I'm in a ward with a bishop and all the leaders. I'm in Las Brisas, the stake is Chiclayo Central. I finally found my way to Chiclayo, which feels good cuz my call says Peru Chiclayo. Well my comp is Elder Lazarte from Bolivia, my second Boliviano. He has 20 months in the mish but President told  me that I'm senior comp jaja. Everyone told me that it's gonna be my Atonement, because he's a bit trunky and I think he was almost sent home but the President just told me to love him, serve him and help him return with honor.  

Well I have only had a week with him but I can probably say I already love the kid. He's super nice and he's a jokester. I think we have the same sense of humor which is chill. He also is a famous singer from Bolivia. But he's a great missionary. He just needs someone who respects him and who makes him walk a little faster :) I may not be the best teacher or the best Spanish speaker but I love to work hard. The best feeling is when you  get back to the apartment completely dead. It's like finishing a 5k  or something. There's runner's high and there's missionary high and it's addictive and dangerous stuff. 

Well we have 2 areas cuz they took out 2 elders. One area is super rich and the other is super poor and dangerous but there is a lot to do and there are a lot of menos activos. My pensionista is pretty sweet as well and is a good cook. She gives us yogurt every morning which is  pretty tasty. We already have someone who is close to  accepting a baptism date. She's just a little confused because the Testigos visit her as well. But this week we explained to her that Jesus is Jehova. We used a bunch of scriptures but we focused on a scripture that's in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi Chapter 15, and told her to read and to pray. Now she understands that her decision depends in her testimony of the Book of Mormon and she has faith that God is going to answer her. Her name is Karen. 

Well I got to go but I feel  blessed to be here and I'm ready to give it all to the Lord and try to be better every day.  I know that I lack a lot but with the atonement everything is possible my friends. It is something so beautiful and simple. Well I love you all and miss you but I'll  see you real soon.

Elder Harper    


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