Monday, May 26, 2014


The picture that I posted awhile back was actually not from Baylor's Combi (Van) accident.
Here are a couple pictures taken from the accident scene a few months ago.

Hola Familia!!!!

Well it sure is good to here from all of you. I'm a little jealous about the beach bonfire at Sano. Every now and then I still have some good surfing dreams.. Well Mother you asked me my favorite Peruvian dish but it isn't Rice. Well Rice is the main part of every meal, without it, it's just a piece of chicken and maybe a potato. But my favorite dish would have to be Lomo Saltado, which is also a dish at the Peruvian restaurant that we always went to..It's beef mixed with veggies and papas fritas , nothing to inetresting. 

Well this week was pretty normal in the life of a missionary. Elder Prado and I have been continuing to work pretty dang hard. I'm always exhausted but I love it. I feel happy and sad when it comes to the success we are having here. Sad, because we really don't have investigators that are progressing. We do a lot of contacting and teach a boat load of lessons cuz the people accept us in their houses but no body wants to go to church. Only one ivestigator attended church and it's the sister that can't get baptized until her husband divorces his other wife and they get married. Little Rosa has been progressing but right now is pretty discouraged cuz Sunday we sent a member to pick her up and this member told us that the dad of Rosa was drinking and wouldn't let her go to church. She started crying and told the member that she's no longer going to be able to come to church. But later that day we rounded up a bunch of the studly youth of Chongoyape and visited her to cheer her up. She's got a testimony and wants to be baptized but she's a little discouraged cuz she knows her dad won't let her. As far the family Guerrero Salazar goes, they are awesome and I really love this fam so much, but they won't come to church and won't accept a baptism date. They have been to church many times before and they have a testimony but they are just scared to take that step and are too busy with their lives to keep the commitments. 

But I'm happy cuz there are many members here that are reactivating and are stoked once again in this gospel. We had another great turnout Sunday. A returned missionary from Lima came to visit her mother here for a couple months and has been helping us with the work of salvation here. She gave a legit talk on Sunday about the atonement of Jesus Christ and I don't think anyone can deny that they felt the spirit in that meeting. A whole family of 5 that has been inactive for a while came as well, and it just made me so happy to see many people be able to renew their covenants with God. Ricardo and Angel are 2 priests that study with us Sunday morning and teach with us all day until church. They are studs and growing so fast spiritually. Angel wasn't very active before but now he's thanking us for dragging him along and he's bugging us to give him opportunities to proselyte with us. 

Well fam bam this is my weekly report. I know that I'm progressing personally as well.  Sometimes I get frustrated for what I am and who I'm not but I always realize what I have become and what I am becoming as I look back to see who I was..say that 2 times fast.. Like in chapter 9 of 3 Nephi when the Lamanites received the spirit in their lives and were converted unto the Lord without even knowing it. A real change comes slowly but is something that will never fall as long as the base is always our Lord Jesus Christ. I love you all and I shall see you soon.

Elder Harper

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