Monday, November 4, 2013


Hola Familia! 

What's good in da hood? Well danget, it sounds like you guys are having a flippin blast. Halloween
parties, parties at Grandma's house, weddings, you could at least send me an invite? jeesh ;) Well Mother the package that I don't have is lj512979518us. I have the wrapped stuff that feels soft, I have the ornaments and the letters but not the envelope stuff? and I'm guessing I should wait to read the letters, ornaments and eat the candy? idk but I'm going crazy over here. The theme this year, You Can't Coast to Higher Ground is awesome, and the picture you sent is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I cried when I saw it, basically. (note: every year our family has a Christmas theme that we base FHEs on during the months of November and December)
This is the picture that made Baylor cry when he saw it.

So to be honest not much happened this week. It was probably the worst week we've had and the slowest work wise. We had multiple citas drop everyday, investigators who aren't progressing, only taught a few lessons everyday. But the Hermanas did hook us up with this one joven (youth) named Luis Fernando. He's a stud and the sisters were teaching him but they thought we would be better to teach him cuz he's a young single man. So we've only been teaching him for a week, but he's got a baptismal date for the 9th of November. He's been to church twice and he's tearing up the Book of Mormon. Everyday that we teach him, we ask him how his reading has been and he gives us a detailed summary of all the chapters he's read. So this week was a huge testimony booster of the importance of reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.

We are teaching another man named Oscar. He's about sixty and Catholic but is really open hearted about what we say. He says he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon is true, but doesn't think it's important to read or pray about the Book of Mormon cuz ¨all the word of God is true¨ I know it's possible to believe something is true but the only way we can gain a true testimony, a true conversion to this Gospel, is by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to our Father with true intent if it is true. When we have a true desire, we will receive an answer from God and be willing to make changes in our lives according to the truth like Diana, Franco and Nino, and Now Fernando. They all have prayed and have a strong testimony and have changed their lives. 

So this next week we are gonna have to pray hard and help him realize that and help him enter the waters of baptism..... Well thanks for all your love. Everyone is jealous of how much email I get, even if it's basically only my family; I've got a big family. ahah Well I love you guys. Wish I could be a part of the festivities. Oh Elder Hulet's mom sent him cookies and candy, so I had a Halloween, and in Peru they like to eat pumpkin guts; it's nast stuff.

Well Chaou my friends,

Love Elder harper

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