Monday, November 25, 2013


Heyitsme Elder Harper! Hola familia, 
Baylor and Damon Jarman

So mama I did not get that backpack in Chiclayo but today I got the third package so all is well!! Well this week was quite the experience. After I wrote last Pday, we went on splits and Elder Coons, who only has 6 weeks more than me in the mish, and I went to go teach our investigators, Rony and Gloria. I was pretty nervous cuz Rony is like 23 and Glory is 17; they are living together and are super receptive to our message.  Rony has even expressed how he wants to be baptized before so I knew I had to teach la ley de Castidad (the law of chastity), probably my favorite thing to teach. So got there and taught them about chastity using scriptures and our testimony. The spirit was super strong and we felt it was right to commit them to be married and baptized the 14 of December. Surprisingly, they both gladly accepted. They did not know about this commandment before and they expressed how they want to keep all the commandments so they can be baptized and clean of theirs pecados. It was pretty sweet and the spirit was strong. We gave Rony a Book of Mormon recently and he's  already 14 chapters in!!! He says many people, including his friends, say it's a lie but he says they think that cuz they haven't read it and experimented on the word. He says now that he's read part of it and experimented, he knows it's true and it is just as much as scripture as the Bible. 

Baylor and Elder Oswald, he's comp from the CCM, on the bus to Chiclayo.
Well Tuesday afternoon we left to Chiclayo. It was a 7 hour bus ride. We had a bus all to ourselves, 30 missionaries.  It was a long drive but we arrived in Chiclayo in the night and slept in the rooms of other missionaries. In the morning, we woke up early, got ready, ate, and booked it to the chapel and got front row seats for Elder Nelson. I got to see all my friends from the MTC!! It was really cool and I also go to see mi amigo, Elder Jarman!! We got to talk for a while. He seems like he is doing really well. He says he's struggling with the language but knowing Damon, he probably already speaks better than I do. 

Elder Waddell and Elder Nelson both spoke!! Elder Neslon spoke in English and had a translator so that was pretty sweet. I got to shake their hands also!!! The talks were on The work of Salvation obviously, but the emphasis was on the family and on family history. They talked of how our purpose on this Earth is to have families and enjoy the gospel together and make sacred covenants so we can live together eternally! This message needs to be taken to everyone no matter what situation they are in. They also told of how the ancestors of our investigators are across the veil doing everything possible and pulling for their relatives on the earth to accept the gospel so they can be set free. So as we teach the gospel, we need to teach the importance of family history so when they accept it, they will want to do everything possible to do the work for their families. Am I making sense??? Didn't think so haha. 

Well it was all pretty sweet.  The Trujillo temple will be built soon. Directly after the conference, we left for Jaen  in the bus with boxes of Pizza hut pizza ..sooo tasty. Saturday was the baptism of Gianela, Clarita and Jose!! puro niños. They were all super excited and it was rewarding to see the bright smiles on their faces as they emerged from the water and to hear their testimonies of this Gospel. Also, the sister of Luis Fernando was baptized. The sisters taught her but she asked me to baptize her. I also go to baptize Gianela!! It was super spiritual for all of us.

Today we watched the Ultimate Gift as a Zone. It made me super trunkey cuz we always watch that as a fam and Switchfoot is in it a lot hahah. It was sweeet. Well I get a new comp next week. I'm pretty scared cuz I'm supposed to know the area and Spanish so pray for me!! haha. Well gots to go. I love you all and Se que Jesucristo vive. (Jesus Christ Lives)

Elder Harper

The baptism of Gianela and Clarita

The baptism of Jose
Baylor's last week with his trainer, Elder Hulet.  On their apartment balcony.

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