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Well I don't have that much time to write today cuz the zone leaders told us that we shouldn't print before we write anymore...lame. But this week was pretty epic as far as the work goes, packed full of lessons and what not. As of now, we have three investigators who will be baptized for sure this Saturday and it's very probable that we will have another. The bishop's brother didn't show up to church so he won't be baptized this week.

So there is this family in our ward that always brings a couple of their neighbors with them to church. They are both little chubby kids. One is 7 and the other is 9. We met them a few weeks back at a family night and taught them but ever since then we haven't had time to teach them.  But the kids come to church every week so we made it a priority to go see him this week. When we walked up to his street, he was pushing his little sibling in a stroller and when he saw us he darted over to us and left his sib in the middle of the street; he was so excited to see us haha. We sat down with him to teach him and before we even started the lesson he told us that he wanted to baptized. So from there, we taught all of lesson 1 and we've been teaching him almost every day since. He's a little fat stud and has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. 

Also Yanela and Clarita, the Hermanas of Franco, are going to be baptized this Saturday!! They came to church this Sunday and loved it. I always love teaching them cuz Franco and his mom are always there too. So it's like my first real family Iv'e taught!!! There's nothing better than teaching families cuz that is what the gospel is all about and that's where true happiness comes. And the fourth possible for Saturday is Aurelia. We challenged Aurelia to get on her knees and pray if she should be baptized on the 23.  She wants to be baptized she has a strong testimony and loves the church but she just has fear that she will fail. So she prayed and she told us that she is ready to be baptized and that she felt very peaceful and a strong urge and feeling in heart that she needs to continue to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. The only problem is that she wants to be baptized with her daughter who is special. We explained to her that she has no sin and does not need to be baptized but she was pretty persistent about it. 

Well I'm sorry I've got no good stories this week besides the fact that I puked multiple times again. It's cuz I eat too much and my body can't digest it, fun stuff. Well tomorrow I'm off to Chiclayo!! It's gonna be awesome to hear an apostle of the Lord. Hopefully I'll get my butt kicked and come back to Jaen working harder and speaking fluent Spanish ;) So Elder Hulet also leaves in 2 weeks and I'll have to lead the area and probably with a Latino companero. I'm super stressed cuz I can't speak, and I have no sense of direction but I also know that the Lord will provide a way cuz he wants me to obey right? right. So I figured out my prob is I have no confidence. So I keep reminding myself to trust in the Lord and in the spirit, and when I do that, miracles happen baby. Well I got to go. I promise to make next week's letter juicy, full of spiritual stories, photos and all that good stuff. love all of you and thanks for the support!!! 

Love,     Elder Harper
Franco and Baylor

(email to Dad) Thanks for the email Dad! It's always inspiring. I miss you bud. I always have dreams about the fam; it's weird and of course you are always the star. haha. I forgot to ad the main letter so you can if you want but Luis is a stud!! Sunday he passed the sacrament for the first time and he said a perfect prayer in Sacrament meeting!! My joy was definitely full, seeing the fruits of baptism and seeing how far that kid has come in about a months time. And the picture thing, my room is messy but I'll clean it and shoot you a pic next week and it's really dangerous to have cameras out in the streets cuz people steal them and stuff. And you know me, I can't even converse with the people so it would be hard and awkward to pose a photo with them, but ill try idk. Thanks for the letters and the advice. You da best. love you. 

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