Monday, October 28, 2013


Hola Familia!

Well I guess Christmas comes early in Jaen!! haha.  I already got 2 of my 3 christmas packages Mom. I had to hide them under my bed cuz it was tempting and agonizing, but I'm super excited to open them in 2 months haha. Let's hope I won't have to bring them on a transfer. Well we got news this week that Elder Nielson of the 12! is coming to Chiclayo!! I don't know if it's a good thing cuz it probably means our mission is wicked but I'm stoked to hear an apostle of the Lord again. He'll be coming in about 3 weeks so it will probably be a 2 day journey for the Jaen Missionaries, but I'm stoked cuz I'll be able to see my old district and I'm guessing Elder Jarman as well! That will be fun.

Well this week was another steller and fast week, lots of ups and downs, but don't worry mostly ups ;) So this week I got to teach about temples for the first time! It was the best. One time was to a family that just recently became active and one time to Nino. But honestly, it was an amzing expereince for me cuz I was blessed with the opportunity to work in the temple before the mish and because of that, my testimony and love for the temple is huge. This recently activated family is not married or sealed, but we were able to testify and teach about eternal families and the blessings that come from temple work, and with Nino it was sweet too , cuz his mother died when he was younger and we were able to tell him that he can do the work for his mother.  That his mother will have the opportunity to hear and accept the gosple and he can live with her para siempre. But at the same time it's hard cuz the nearest temple is Lima, and people here don't have the money to travel to Lima, so it takes a lot of faith. So I feel so blessed to live 15 minutes away from a temple, it's unreal. Members at home  have the opportunity to participate in the salvation of others across Cali multiple times a week!

Well this week was the Baptism of Franco. This was the kid who is already pumped to sereve a mission. It was also a great expereince. I had the opportunity to baptize him, which made me nervous cuz latinos have 10 names and I probably have the most gringo accent any Peruvian has laid their ears on. But everything went perfect. The spirit was strong and on Saturday he was able to receive the gift of the holy ghost. Unfortunately, his sisters, who want to be baptized, couldn't attend cuz one is in the hospital with Dengae. ( I guess that is super common to get here, especially with missionaries). So I'll probably be chillin with Andy Irons soon.

Saturday night we had a show de talentos and believe it or not, I was a star of a play that I basically wrote haha. jk.  We  did a sketch about Noah and as the noob in the district, I was selected to be Noah, and I rocked.  I had a beard and all the crowd went wild. I've got a vid of it but I don't know if I can send it.

So our investigator Arelia, who is suppsosed to be baptized next week, wants more time. We visited her last night and she said that she doesn't feel ready cuz she doesn't know much and wants to learn more. We testified of how the only requirements needed for baptism are faith in Jesus Christ and repentance, so were are gonna work with her this week and maybe we will have a baptism. But she's 40 years old and already is more active than the average member. She comes to all of the meetings and activites and she has a strong testimony of the gospel. She lives in a one room adobie house with her handicapped daughter. She is awesome and humble. She just  needs to have the confidence in herself and the Lord.

So this week I've been learning personally about enduring to the end, and with joy every step of the way too. In the past I have felt that I have given up too soon on certain things, like lacrosse, running, piano, work and lots of other stuff. I feel that's definelty one of my many weaknesses. (note from Mom:  Baylor has always been so hard on himself)  There have been  multiple times when I have told my companion that I wanna serve an English speaking mission in the states, but I've been strengthened this week as I've focused on God's hand in my life. I think of the hardships as trials God has given me to make me stronger. And as I do this, I'm filled with such joy and happiness. Positive thoughts and gratitude all day every day is where it is at ladies and gents. Weeel I gots to go. Peace out.

Jawas from Jaen
Elder Harper

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