Monday, December 2, 2013


Hello There Familia! 

Well this week has been really weird but a good one as well. It sounds like you guys all had a good time Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving break. Movies and food all week ahahah good times. For Thanksgiving dinner I had 2 cremoladas and ice cream haha so nothing much. Why didn't I see a stick version of myself in any of the photos? sooo messed up. 

So nothing tooo exciting happened this week. We tried to visit a lot of members and all of our investigators so Elder Hulet could say his last goodbyes. People offered us a lot of food cuz of it. One of the highlights of the week was when a member took us to a pretty nice restaurant for lunch. We ordered a giant plate of fried yuca and fish with some Inca Cola. The cool thing about this place is it has soccer fields, a water park thing and a zoo. We checked out the zoo for a while. There was a monkey that tried to grab his animal friends in the other cages with his tail. There was a fat sloth that just hung upside down and slept, a parrot that said hola, turtles and crocodiles. It was a pretty cool place but at the same time the definition of animal cruelty haha. They were stuffed into cheap metal cages with nothing to eat. I don't have pictures cuz I didn't know we were going but I'll have to go back and get some.

Well this week has been pretty stressful for me, with the knowledge that it was my last week with Elder Hulet and that I would have to get a new comp and lead the area. Elder Hulet informed me about my new comp. He said it was this latino, I forgot his name, but he said he was really trunky and only had two months left. So that added to my stress cuz I didn't want to kill another missionary. But I have been praying hard that I would have the confidence and faith to be able to lead as I teach and work without my trainer. Well Elder Hulet left at 1 yesterday and it was the weirdest thing haha. Everything I've known for 2 months, which was hiding behind my dad, was gone. So I've been with Elder Smith, a gringo here. We will be together until our companions come tomorrow. Oh and Elder Hulet, right before he got on the bus, told me that he actually doesn't know who my comp is haha, so that relieved some stress. 

Well Sunday was weird but everything worked out. I know that the Lord calls people in their weaknesses and raises them up to meet His standards. We had a few lessons where I had to do the conversing and lead off the teaching. We taught the cousin of our convert, Diana, who is 12 and is super interested. Usually I get super nervous to teach when it's my turn with Hulet, but this time I felt a new confidence and that Lord was on my side and I was led by the spirit. I was able to converse with  Diana and teach her cousin, Michell, the restoration of the Gospel. Of course my Spanish was still terrible but I felt like I had more faith. Michell wants to be baptized but we still don't have a date for her. We had 9 investigators at church today and 2 of the norms weren't even there. But we have lots of good potential with our investigators, lots of hearts that are ready to receive the gospel.  The field is white and ready to harvest and I think as my comp and I work hard this transfer we are gonna have a lot of  success. 

Well nothing too exciting this week, mainly goodbyes and nerves but I'll make sure to update all about my new comp and uplifting experiences. Just know that I'm happy and I'm ready to work hard and hit the pavement. I know that I'm weak but with enough faith the Lord can perform miracles through me.  Even though I miss you all there is no place I'd rather be than serving the people of Jaen and growing to be a servant, a TOOL in the hands of the Lord. I love you all! Thanks for all the support. Ohh and I sent mail with Hulet for Christmas. 

Elder Harper

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