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Well Happy Cinco de Mayo to all.  I will be spending my Pday dreaming of Mexican food and I totally forgot about May the 4th be with you; I know Im a sinner. Well sorry I will not be sending any pics because I'm in that same sketchy internet that is known for erasing memory cards. But Sunday you will get to see my face and I'll send a bunch of pictures Monday as well. 

Well this week we definitely worked hard even though we didn't have a whole lot of success. Tuesday we traveled to Chiclayo for a multi-zone meeting. It was the last time I'll see President Risso and the Hermana Risso, which was pretty sad but they gave inspiring talks. They will be leaving in June. It was a pretty good meeting. Elder Lattin spoke as well; he's the new Assistant to the President in town. We ate Pizza Hut and it was amazing. For the first time in 9 months it felt good to be stuffed. 

Well you can probs tell I don't have much to say this week but Elder Prado and I divided the area sectors because Chongoyape is pretty big. We have been able to work more effectively this way. Every day this week we have been able to visit members, menos activos, investigators and we were able to contact a lot. This week I was able to experience having doors slammed in my face. Let's just say there are a lot of Testigos here. 

We have been teaching Bryan and his mother Gladys. Gladys works on Sundays and can't come to church. She is starting to understand the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy though. She's a single mom and she always tells us to find a single Mormon man for her. There are none here obviously but we are gonna send her to a single adult activity one of these days. She really wants the best for her kids and is willing to serve the Lord. I think she just has to put Him before her work.

This Sunday about 5 members from the Cria came to Chongoyape to help clean the chapel and to visit members and investigators. We had 20 members in the chapel, including us and the 5 from the Cria. It's something that has really been worrying us. I think with the responsibilities we have here I feel a little bit what good 'ol Bishop Baker feels. But with help from the Cria we are going to be able to have more success because it s realy hard to play the role of a missionary and bishop and family home teacher at the same time. But I know with patience, confidence in the Lord and hard work WE CAN DO IT.  

Another family is really worrying me too. They want us to come everyday to their house to teach them but they don't come to church, and if they don't come to church, they aren't going to progress and they wont be baptized. They believe what we say but they just have to put the stuff into practice. They haven't experimented and therefore haven't experienced a real change. 

Wellllllllll this week were goonna have a talent show. I'm gonna work in my harmonica skills so I can knock out a few hymns. Well that is really all I have for this week family and friends. I love you all. The Church is True and the Book is Blue...


Elder Harper

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