Tuesday, April 29, 2014

REMINDS me of the MANY TIMES my bro RILEY has TIED and TAPED me to POSTS...

HEY IT'S ME Elder Harper......Familllllly and other peeps...

Well this week I just have felt so happy and blessed to be missionary in God's army. This week I just realized that I have made so many friends from so many different countries. We had an interchange for a day this week and I went with Elder Alvarez from Honduras to his area, the Cria. I got Hommies from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Chile and many more. It's pretty sweet and it's gonna be sad never seeing these mission peeps after 2 years. But the day I spent with Elder Alvarez was pretty cool. We spent the day trying to contact and find new investigators but it's pretty hard cuz every door you knock in this area is the house of a less active haha. This area has about 140 active members but almost 500 members in total, which is pretty scary. 

Chongoyape has been scaring me a bit as well. There are about 60 members here but only about 15 active ones, and active here is like less active in the states. Yesterday in the church we only had attendance of 15 people, including me, my comp, two teens that came to help us from the Cria, 4 investigators  and 7 members. My comp and I are super worried and this week we are gonna spend more time teaching and strengthening the members. My comp and I have been working super hard lately and it's gonna be a good month of success but the area is not gonna strengthen unless the families here get active and spread the gospel with their family and friends as well. 

Finally the sister Isabel came this week! After almost 4 months, she has a testimony but is scared to go to church for what the others might think but this week she conquered her fear!! The brother Marcos, Isabel and their kids are really gonna help the church here grow if they get baptized. Marcos potentially could be Branch President a few years down the road.  Well we also have been teaching Bryan and his sister Emily who has been sending the vids. They both are super stoked and want to be baptized but the prob is that Emily is studying in Chiclayo now and only comes once every few weeks and Bryan may move to live with his dad. They are stellar youth and I hope they go to church and can get baptized where they are at. 

Well I honestly have a brain block and don't remember much or have much more to say. Ohhh we had a sick seminary class that my comp and I taught this Saturday. Olenka and Ricardo brought their friend Rudy who we have never taught before. We taught chapter 7 and 9? I don't know where you guys are at Pops but it was a sweet lesson. My favorite story is when Nephi is traveling back to the desert with his brothers after picking up Ishmael and the fam but Lemuel y Lamon flip a lid and decide to tie their younger brother up (reminds me of the many times Riley has tied and taped me to posts). Well Nephi prays with great faith so he can be free from the bands, but if we look closely, he prays for the strength to be able to brake the bands and not just that God might do it for him. Even though we are all familiar with this story, maybe some of us sometimes lack to apply it in our lives. We pray and pray hard that we might be able to overcome something or that our situation will change but we get off our knees and keep living the same. Well even though this might define the old Baylor, this aint how the faith works. We need to pray for the strength and courage  to overcome our situations or trials and through the atonement of Jesus Christ and with our faith and our actions, we can change and progress and overcome anything. Well I hope the lesson got to Rudy. Rudy also went to church. We are gonna have to visit him reallly soon. Well I love you all much more than you know and I miss you but I shall see you soon. 

!besitos, abrazitos, quisitos y pollitos! les quiero mucho

Elder Harper

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