Monday, April 21, 2014


!Hola Familia!
Well this week has been pretty crazy. As you can see in the photos, the family group put on a little surprise party for me. My comp and I went to the chapel to do some spring cleaning and when I turned on the lights a bunch of members and investigators were sitting there singing to me. The Hermana Isabel (who still isn't a member) made me a cake and the little niƱos shoved my face in it haha. I went to go wash my face and when I walked back into the chapel, they literally bathed me in eggs jaja. It was funny, gross and the chapel still smells like Eggs. But it was super awsesome. Sometimes it's really hard being away from you guys, especially holidays or birthdays but MY little family here made me feel loved and I thank my Father in Heaven for that.

Well as far as the work is going we are trying hard to find new people to teach and to reactivate the less actives cuz surprisingly there are a lot here, enough to have a branch or a ward if there was priesthood. This week also was the Semana Santa (Holy Week). I was kind of confused at first why they had this random holiday until I realized that Easter was Sunday. So they don't celebrate Easter but they remember the death and resurrection of Christ with the Semana Santa. It was pretty sweet. 

This week we focused on teaching with the Book of Mormon and teaching of Christ's Atonement. In almost every lesson we taught from a chapter or story in the Book of Mormon. My testimony of my Savior definitely has increased and strengthened as I've strived to apply the atonement in my life. I know a lot of the time I'm hard on myself for my imperfections and weakness but I know through the atonement I can feel peace and I can overcome my weaknesses. I've never felt the Savior's love in my life so strongly and every day I'm trying to give back to Him a little bit more. 

Well we found 3 jovenes this week that we taught a lot and have already started to develop a strong testimony through prayer and reading the scriptures. We have been teaching Emily, Bryan and their mom Gladys. Gladys is hard to teach cuz she has her own store and works every day all day but Emily and Bryan are super excited. They have attended every activity we have had this week and have read a lot of the Book of Mormon already as well. They both already want to be baptized but they need to attend church. Emily left to study in Chiclayo but she wants to attend there and hear the missionaries and later come back here to be baptized with her brother. They are both stellar youth and have already been living the standards that average teen of Peru neglects. They definitely have been prepared to hear the gospel. 

Well I got to go again but I love you all so very much. Thanks for all the love and support you give me. Can't wait to talk to you mMom ...and others in just a few short weeks.

Besitos,  Elder Harper

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