Monday, December 30, 2013


Baylor:  Hey I'm not going to write this week, cuz I'm gonna talk to you guys Wednesday and there is no time haha. 

Mom:  Ok.  No letter from you this week.  But……..who is the boy you baptized in the photo?

Bay:  hahah sorry...Luis Recejoh..he's a good guy ;)

Mom:  Tell me very briefly about him and when he was baptized and I will post that to your blog this week.

Baylor:  puchaaaaa. Yeah, he's the cousin of a member we have been teaching. It was awesome to see hime get baptized cuz when we first taught him he basically said "I only believe in science" haha, (Nacho Libre one-liner) and didn't know if he could believe. But we kept teaching him and he always attended church and he received an answer that he should be baptized!!! He's a stud and I'll tell you more about him Wed!!

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