Monday, December 16, 2013


 Dear Fam Bam!

Gota Waterfall
Sorry this letter is gonna be short cuz we just got back late from a legit Pday and don't have much time to write. We went to a waterfall called Gota! Supposedly it's the tallest in South America and in the top three tallest in the world. It was pretty sweet. We hiked through some thick jungle. It wasn't too long of a hike but it was a 4 hour drive from our area to get to the trail head. The falls were legit. I'll send some pics. So about Christmas, I have no idea but the stake president has Skype so I think I might be ale to Skype from his house but I'll have all the exact details by next pday. 

So this week again was another good one. Elder Quispe is the district leader so it kind of eats up some of our proselyting time cuz sometimes he has meetings and has to give interviews and report to the zone leaders, but still we have been working hard. This week our focus was getting Rony and Gloria ready for marriage and baptism. We taught them everything they need to know and went over the baptismal questions. Rony bore powerful testimony. I don't know if I shared this in the last letter but Rony told us about what interested him in the church. He has always been pretty religous and has attended various churches and has been visited by various missionaries of different churches. But he said he was never super intrested in what they taught and the way that Rony explained it sounded basically like ¨there was something missing¨ as he was invited to our church he said he was embraced by the members and could feel the love they had for him and God, and as we visited him, he said he knew we were really there not to judge him but to help him cuz we cared about him. 

We have been visting his mother and wen we told her about her son being baptized, cuz she didn't know, she cried cuz she said she has seen his life change as he's been going to church. Anyways, we were on toes all week cuz they lacked something with their papers of marriage. Gloria had some issues with her medical papers cuz shes 15 and pregers but by midday Saturday, they had everything and Saturday at 7 at night they were married and at 8 they were baptized. It was a sweet experience. They were both crying afterwards and you could just tell how happy they were. Well it's moments like this that make me soo happy as well!  I'm glad I had the opportunity to know these people and teach them of Christ,  and in the end I think I learned more from them than they learned from me. 

Junior was not baptized this Saturday cuz when we went to get permission from his father, his father is Adventista, he told us that his son will be following his ways and won't be baptized. We avoided contention and the man accepted a visit from us for another day. Sunday we visited him and shared our beiliefs and faith. It turns out that this man is very nice and has strong faith in Christ.  I think the Lord will soften his heart so his son can be baptized and maybe even him haa, we shall see. Well sorry for another short letter but remember I'll be talking to you in a week or 2!!!! Love you all, thanks for your prayers love and support. Besitos!!!! (kisses)   Elder Harper

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