Monday, October 14, 2013


Hola Familia!!

Well the weeks sure do go by super fast; it's scary. Sorry Mom for not sending pics last week. We
aren't supposed to bring cameras with us proselyting cuz it could get stolen but I'll try harder to take and send more pics for you. And I've got some this week from the baptism. Well sounds like you guys had  a fun week! Filled with races, dances, movies, decorating, and food. I'm jealous but this life is better anyways. And thanks for that article Mom! It was very uplifting, and all the letters you guys write always pump me up and make me feel better. Happy Birthday Pops!!! You're gonna be the big 50 tomorow! THAT'S SCARY, you are sooooo.....young. I cant believe it;) Well you better have a birthday paddle out for me and eat lots of pie and Alber Tacos. 

Anyways the work here has really taken off  this past week! We have been teaching many people with lots of potential. Sunday we had 10 investigators at Church who stayed through all the classes too. 2 of the investigators have baptismal dates for this month and 2 more I think will be baptized. We are teaching this 15 year old girl named Diana. She was a reference we contacted a week ago and we've only taught here a few times but she is progressing super fast and has a strong testimony. She wants to be baptized this week. Her date is for this upcoming Saturday, but last time we visited her she was crying cuz her mom wants her to wait longer to get to know the Church. But Diana has a strong desire to follow Christ and to become clean, starting a new life in the gospel as soon as she can. She's been reading the Book of Mormon, the pamphlets and shows up to church by herself haha. Well the last time she talked to her mom she said her mom said ¨Do what you want. Don't bother me." haha   So I think she'll be baptized soon. We just have to soften her mother's heart. 

Another one is Franco and his sister Janala. Franco will be baptized at the end of this month and his sister at the beginning of the next. Franco is 16 and is super receptive. His family is the best too. His mom is super interested as well but she's not married to her spouse so that will be tough cuz people here don't have a desire to get married cuz of the money and the commitment. But Franco is already talking about preparing for a mish and his mom is stoked on it too and he's not even baptized!! These people are very humble and have a strong will to follow Jesus Christ and change their lives. 

This Saturday was the baptism of Nino Davis Sanchez Sanchez. It was an awesome experience. I had the opportunity to baptize him.
I was nervous cuz I didn't want to ruin his experience with my awful Spanish, but everything was perfect and the spirit was sooo strong. He bore his testimony after and on Sunday he received the gift of the Holy Ghost and received the Aaronic Priesthood. The kid is a stud and is gonna go far in the church. These youngsters we are teaching are great examples to me of stalwart youth and makes me wish I was better before. 

Well everyday we have been going from lesson to lesson. We never knock doors and the members are starting to help a lot. It's been a real blessing. My Spanish is still the same but I can't complain cuz I know I could be studying harder and trying harder. Well I'm sorry I don't have any awesome experiences Dad, it's hard sometimes to notice the little moments through lessons and in the day cuz I still don't understand much. But what helps me is remembering what Bishop Greiner said once, "We are always successful when we have the spirit with us". So I need to try harder and harder every day to have that , cuz that's the only way I can understand and communicate. Well thanks so much for all the support; you guys are the best. I used to get super homesick on pdays from letters and stuff but now it just makes me happy and comforted.
Until next week!    Elder Harper

Baylor watching General Conference last weekend

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