Monday, October 7, 2013


Hola Familia! 

Well it's been another week in Jaen. Not much happened this week, just teaching investigators and walking up hill all day everyday. Still no baptisms, but the highlight of every week is when we teach our investigator Nino Sanchez! He's going to be baptized this Saturday and he is sooo ready. I just love teaching him cuz the spirit is always there and I'm calm and confident with him cuz we know him very well. So it seems like every week our pool of investigators changes. People I thought were golden drop and new ones randomly show up haha. 

This week we did intercombios. It's basically where you just spend a whole day and overnight with another elder. Elder sleepover. It was cool getting to know a new area and having the opportunity to teach with another elder. But the highlight of the week for suurezies was General Conference. Yes, I got to watch it in English. Half our zone is gringo, haha.... so we had a little room with an hd flat screen to watch conference on with all the gringos. Conference was so uplifiting and inspiring! They talked a lot about missionary work and repentance, which was perfect for me cuz I'm an imperfect missionary. The spirit was soo strong and it was devastating when the last session ended haha.

Well it sounds like all you guys are having a blast. Matt Nathonson and Joshua Radin? and I basically cried when I found out everyone went to jealous haha. But it seems like all is well at home which makes me a happy elder. Let me know when you guys find out where Damon ends up. I'm guessing he goes into the field in 2 weeks and I probs won't see him for 5 months cuz I heard once your in Jaen, you stay there for a while. So I'll be able to speak Spanish when I serve in Chiclayo for the first time!! 

So conference was really an answer to my prayers, uplifting and filled me with more confidence. Right after the last session, we went to teach an investigator and I prayed hard to have the spirit with me and to follow the spirit  before and during the lesson. I don't know how, but I was able to understand a lot and I felt as I was speaking, that I was being guided by the spirit and I was able to express the things in my heart. It was a legit feeling and after my comp said that he was surprised and witnessed the gift of tongues haha. 

My comp is awesome. We get a long great, but he's going home soon sadly. He's an awesome trainer and I'm sure he will have me ready to be with a different companion who might not be as awesome. This week I read an article about missionaries and it said that there are plenty of good missionaries in the world, many great ones but there needs to be more consecrated missionaries. A missionary who sacrifices everything and gives the Lord 100%. I'm way far from that right now, but my goal is to become a consecrated missionary! I want to be the best I can be. It's gonna take a lot of hard work, but I'm up for the challenge. 

Well it's still super hot here, even when it rains, which it does twice a week. The food is good but I hate eating cuz they feed us so much. It's aweful haha. Every meal is a mountain full of rice with chicken. We have someone too cook every meal and someone else to do laundry. Oh, and we basically live in a hotel so our room is pretty nice.  Well that's all I got for now.

Elder Harper
Sorry no pics this week; we did nothing cool.

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