Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hola Familia!

So everything went well with my travels! I am safe and sound in the CCM. On my flight from OC to Dallas there was this man sitting next to me who was chatting me up and he helped me get to where I needed to go! He walked me to the Sky Link and gave me directions and when I got to my gate there was a group of 20 Elders and Sisters who greeted me. On the plane, I sat next to this young girl who was from Lima; she spoke pretty good English and was a talker. She tried to teach me some Spanish but it didn't go over so well haha. But she was very curious about what I was doing. I got to tell her about missionary work, the Book of Mormon, the nature of God and a little about the temple. It was pretty cool but it was all in English. We got into the Lima airport about 1:00 am and took a long bus ride to the CCM. I don't think I got to bed till 4 but we got to sleep in. 

Today I had some warm juice, cereal and yogurt, yum. I also received like 30 pounds of books and stuff so that will be very interesting to get to Chiclayo. Well, it feels very good to be here! I'm happy and I'm excited to learn the language so I can help bring the people of Peru to the gospel. I think the CCM is gonna be a different experience for me than for Abs cuz there are a lot of gringos here. My district seems pretty chill and my companion seems like a good guy. It just feels like EFY or something cuz everyone is so young. 

Well thanks everyone for your love and support! It made it easy for me to get out here. I know it's gonna be hard but I know I'm gonna love it. Everyone says the first two weeks are really tough but after that it's pure bliss ;) We shall see about that. I keep trying to close this letter cuz I have nothing left to say but then I look up and see more time on the screen. Lolllz. I saw lots of stray dogs on the way to the CCM but no Lamas which was very disappointing for us all, and no ducks. So how about them Bears? Well I gots to go but feel free to critique this letter for future reference cuz I fee like this stinks. I love all yall. I know this Church is true, I know this is where I need to be and I'm excited to get to work. Make sure to forward Abs emails to me. Well Hoorah for Israel!

Lollz From Lima,

Elder Harper

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