Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hola familia! 

So nothing too exciting this week. It's so weird that I'm already half way done with the CCM. It goes by fast even though we do the same thing every day haa. We wake up at 6:30, get ready, then go to breakfast at 7. Breakfast is usually eggs yogurt and juice, and of course, herbal tea for me. We get an hour for personal study after breakfast. My district is awesome but they can be distracting so my companero and I get creative in finding places to study where it's quiet cuz our district room can be a party sometimes. We then usually have companionship study or teach an investigator. We have a couple language classes or a doctrine class before lunch. We also use the tall program a lot, where you do Spanish lessons on the computer. After lunch, we usually have a couple hours for additional study and language study, lots of studying!

Every day I try harder and harder to be more focused in my studies. We get an hour of exercise every day! My district usually plays ultimate frisbee but last week I found an Elder to run with. He's super intense. We will run a few miles a day and he will talk about stats and races to me the whole time. It kinda makes me wanna race again. He even makes me do 5Ks with him haha. Friday is one of his last days so we've been training all week for a 5k on Friday. I'm so out of shape but running is good for me cuz I eat so much here, like I never experience the feeling of hunger. It's real weird and kinda gross. They load up so much rice on your plate and it's rude not to eat it so, oh well. It's not all that Peruvian either. It's supposed to be international. 

Sorry this letter is boring but all we do is sit in classes every day. No proselyting this week ;(  After lunch we have a couple more classes and another opportunity to teach before the night. Teaching can either be frustrating or super uplifting. It's hard to teach the gospel in a way where you are listening and trying to apply it to them personally when it's all in Spanish. But I can see myself progressing and I don't give myself permission to  be really frustrated cuz I know I can always study much harder. But I have learned that when I have focused on the doctrine and the scriptures and focus on having the spirit present instead of worrying about my spanish, it always works out. 

So every night they have fruta, where we eat all the left over fruit. My comp and I rarely go but we went a couple of times this week and we were blessed with ice cream and ....I saw a double banana! 2 bananas, one peel, cray stuff. We got new latino roommates. One is from Argentina, Elder Martinez and he's 23! Elder Castro is 18 and he's from Lima.
They are funny guys. I told them I'm from California and that I like to surf, so now every time they see me, they throw me the showkaw. I love all the Latinos!

My favorite part of the week though was today in the temple! Our session was in English because Elder Cook is in town and his session was at 9:30 with Elder Waddel and some other general authorities. So the cool thing is all their wives were in our session. Including Sister Cook and Sister Wadell. I was in the temple at the same time as an apostle of the Lord! I love the temple. The spirit is always so strong there; it is a home away from home. On our way back, we got some tasty churros with caramel inside, best churros ever. We ran into some real Elders. He was saying the we will be training three months into our mission. I'm scared. 

The buses are insane! They pack as many people as they can in there times 100. It's always super awkward and they drive around, insanely swerving and starting and stopping. Well it's been a great week and it's been awesome hearing from you guys. Abs got bit? Can't wait to read about that. I hope she's ok. I still haven't bought a calling card yet cuz the store didin't have it but I'll find one. Well, I'm gonna keep on keeping on! Don't be afraid to send letters or packages cuz we get them here. I love you all and I miss you so much!

Lollz from Lima,

Elder Harper

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