Thursday, August 8, 2013


 Hola familia!
I've been stressing about this moment all week haha. Well I love it here in the CCM! I'M having the the time of my life. There are lots of good times and some hard times. But the good times happen way more often than the hard ones. It's hard sometimes because I already miss my family and friends but hard work and humor overcome that. My Spanish it's awful but I realize it has only been a week. The hardest part is having effective study that will progress my Spanish and not just overwhelm or confuse me. 

Well my companion is awesome! He's from Cash Valley Utah? He's a pretty cool kid.  We don't have much in common but we both have a strong desire to learn the language and work hard. My district is awesome as well. I love all the Elders and Hermanas. They are all hilarious, so at times it's hard to stay focused. So th
at's probably one of the biggest struggles, trying not to have too much fun haha. The food here is amazing! My companion and I love everything we eat, even though it's usually just rice , chicken, soup and juice. Our district makes fun of us cuz they don't like the food that much. 

Well everyday we have classes and our maestros are Latinos who speak little English. It was very frustrating at first but I'm slowly getting better at understanding them. They are all pretty funny too and have such strong testimonies. I really look up to them. Every night we teach our investigator Francisco!  It's hard because we can understand a lot of what he says cuz he talks slowly and simply but it's so hard to express the gospel in Espanol. I want to help him and I know how to but not in Spanish. 

All of the Latino elders here are awesome. We have a couple in our room. They are so loving and friendly. They always laugh when we try to speak Spanish to them but we probably laugh harder when they attempt English. In our exercise time we will play soccer or volley ball with them. I love them all. Yesterday we had a devotional with Elder Waddell and his wife! Even though we had to listen with head phones the spirit was very strong. It was awesome being able to shake hands with a general authority! 

Well today is my first p day so we got to go out on the town. The temple is closed this week but we were able to go shopping at the temple store and some markets. We all crammed into a crowded bus.  It was only one sole for me and my companero. 

Well like I said, I truly do love it here and am having a great time. I miss all of you and the thought of not being able to see you guys for 2 years is insane! But I got work to do and even when I'm lonely, I have Jesus as my best friend. I want to be able to speak Spanish so badly but I know it will come eventually. Well I'll talk to you all next week! I hope I answered all your questions and feel free to reprimand me if this isn't quality. I'm still learning haha.
Lolzzzzz From Lima,
Elder Harper

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