Monday, May 4, 2015



Well I kept my promise and took lots of pics this week. I'm sure you will be proud. I hope you folks recover fast from your illness.  Mom I have no idea about my flight plans, but don't make me trunkey haha. 

This week has been a little slow.  We are working hard but we are working alone, meaning the members aren't helping us. We are knocking doors all day, every day.  I'm a huge fan of door knocking but it's not as successful as teaching the references from members. So our goal for this next week is to work hard with members. I think we are going to work with Maria and Herbert to be friends with Marco and Jessica. This week they sat together at church and talked a bit.  We played some pool this week on pday.  Hebert used to make pool tables and in his dad's house they have a few so he took us to play pool with him and schooled us, but it was a real good time.

This week we have been visiting Marco and Jessica a lot.  They are progressing so well.  Jessica is still in shock that Marco listens to us and is changing. She always says how before he would slam the door in  the faces of the preachers and that he has a hard heart, but when we contacted him he was nice and let us in right away.  I know that God prepared his heart to receive the restored gospel. He used to be a big drinker as well, but Jessica says that they had a dinner with his work and every one was drinking but he said no and the whole time people were making fun of him and tempting him but he just drank water. This week we were reading the Book of Mormon with him and he stopped us and asked us how he could really know that God has forgiven him and how could he repent. I feel like they could be baptized soon but they need to get married first.

This week we also participated in a ward activity. We taught the lesson on the family and how the family can be strengthened with the gospel and how the family can be together forever. We played some charades, which was hilarious as well. We met a returned missionary who came home this week. It was weird seeing that.  He went to Brazil so he speaks Spanish funny cuz he had to learn Portuguese.  Well he taught with us all Sunday.  It was fun to see the RM shock in live-action and served as a little warning for me haha. Well I love you guys and hope to talk to you Sunday.

Elder Harper

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