Monday, May 18, 2015


3 Peruvians from Orange County, California (Baylor Harper, Camille Rasmussen, Damon Jarman)

Well it definitely was a tough week.  Tuesday was super sweet.  It was a multizona where a bunch of zones get together and Presidente talks to us for five hours.  Presidente is awesome and a real inspirational speaker.  He emphasized the power of the word and talked about the importance of really knowing the scriptures and using them with our investigators.  He talked about how the scriptures are one of the strongest sources of our personal conversion and the conversion of investigators.  As missionaries we read more than an hour every day but I've been trying hard to get more out of it and to use them with more power in the lessons.  I remember the words of Brother Greiner in a mish prep class.  He said memorize to eternalize.  So I'm trying hard to memorize more scriptures as well.  Presidente also talked about working with members and how this is a weak point in our mish.  

We are having difficulties getting references from the members.  They don't give us anything but what we are starting to do is bring the investigators to the houses of the members. We had a cool lesson with Maria and Hebert this week, our new converts.  We talked to them about the importance of missionary work and reminded them how the gospel changed their lives and how they can help others change as well through this gospel.  We asked them if we could bring Marco and Jessica to their house this Tuesday to do a noche de hogar (family night) and they accepted with great love and excitement without even thinking ( I love them). We even planned and practiced the lesson with them.  When we practiced the lesson they bore their simple testimony that was so powerful to me even though it was just a practice.  It made me remember a quote that's in Preach My Gospel, that every time we have personal experiences with the atonement in our life, we have natural desires to help others come to Christ.  That's when we should ask ourselves, Do I have that desire? Do I apply the atonement in my life daily? 

I still remember the wise words of my brother, Riley, the night before I left for Peru. I asked how I could be a good missionary and he told me I could achieve this if I learned to apply the atonement in my life daily.  At first I didn't understand, even though I thought I did,  but now I do and I'm striving harder to repent and come closer to Christ, which helps me have a stronger desire to help others.

Multi Zone Conference
We are also teaching this Catholic dude.  He's got a big calling in the Catholic church but he loves to listen to us.  We asked him if he knew anyone we could teach.  He said I'm not sure but I'll ask my congregation.  The next week, he told us that he talked to his members and that there are over 50 families that might be interested in hearing us and he was going to get us a list of their names so we can visit them. 

Well the work is hard, but I love it.  I'm happy and excited to keep working.  It's the kick and I'm going hard.

Elder Harper

Father and Son reunited.

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