Monday, May 25, 2015



Well this week was actually a really great week.  In the past weeks we have been struggling to find new investigators but this week we knocked a lot of doors, more doors than I've probably knocked in my mish, but it's what I love.  I love meeting new people and testifying.  There are always super humble people that will receive us without us having to say much and right off the bat they recognize us as servants of the Lord and then there are others who reject us harshly, people who don't have faith or people from other churches. Well this week we were able to find several people that were willing to hear us and are interested in investigating the church.  We feel blessed and are praying that these seeds we are planting will be harvested soon or in later times.

Well we were able have the Family night with Maria and Hebert and Marco and Jessica. It was a successful family night. We sang, watched a part of the movie Together Forever, we taught, we testified, we shared scriptures but the most spiritual and most impactful part was when Maria and Hebert shared their testimony. As new members I think it was their first time sharing the gospel.  At first we could tell that they were a little nervous but they opened up and were able to bear a powerful testimony of their conversion and how the gospel has been able to change their lives and how it continues blessing them and helping them overcome their troubles. They have a really strong testimony of diezmo (tithing).  Hebert doesn't have a secure job and when they first entered the church their family criticized them and ended up kicking them out of their house.  Well they had to find somewhere to live and Hebert had no work but they understood the promise the Lord gives us in Malachi when He says that he will open the windows of heaven for those who pay an honest tithe. Well from the beginning this family has paid, even in these hard times and they say that miraculously Hebert always finds work to support their family weeks or days at a time.  The Lord always provides and the best part of all is that they have always been super happy during their hard times and good times because of their trust in the Lord.  I've been reading Our Legacy, a book about the pioneers, and it describes how happy the saints were even though they had so many afflictions. Well I've come to realize that these hardships bring us happiness as we learn to keep the commandments and rely on the Lord.   Well anyways.... Marco and Jessica had a great experience. 

President told us that Jampier has to read all of the Book of Mormon before being baptized. We thought that this news would be discouraging for this youngling cuz he asks us in almost every visit when he can be baptized. But when we told him, he told us that it was a great idea and that our leaders were wise and that he knew it would help him become a faithful member of the church. He's a great example of following the will of God and humbly following the counsel of our leaders.

Well I already have 6 months in this area but I only have one cambio left.  My whole zone makes fun of me and tells me I'm dying here.  I have no idea if I will go next week or if I will die but I will gladly go where the Lord wants me. Love you guys and so grateful for all your love and support. 

Elder Harper,  Besitos

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