Monday, December 1, 2014

WE were WALKING and an OLD MAN who was SITTING in his DOORSTEP....


Sorry family, the mish is starting to give us like 20 minute questionares we have to fill out during our internet time and on top of that, we have to report the numbers and write President, which leaves little time to read and write but it's all good cuz I just realized we will be Skyping or calling in a couple weeks anyways. 

Well this week was just a little slower cuz my comp was sick. He's gained like 20 pounds already in the mish and has never gotten sick until now. Looks like it all caught up to him this week and he became real close with the bathroom. Reminds me of my good times in Jaen and well, in every area I've been in. But even though my comp was puking, we hit the streets hard. There is no resting under my watch haha, but don't worry, we didn't go as hard. 

Well to be honest there has been no real advancement with the investigators but it looks like my comp is going to be baptizing like 3 families shortly after I leave. It will be sad not being able to experience it with them but at least I was able to help a little in the conversion process. 

My comp and I taught the district class this week and we taught it about unity. When I was studying for this class, I found a paragraph in a manual that they gave us that talks about sometimes the weaknesses that we see in our comps can really be strengths. I found that to be true this week. My comp is usually distracted but he defintly notices a lot of things that I miss in the street. Like on Saturday we were walking and an old man who was siting in his door step saw us, stood up and called us over. I didnt see him or hear him but my comp stopped me and called me over.  The man said he had a questioon that he wanted answered and let us into his home to explain it. When we sat down with him in his home he asked us if we believed if a man and woman who are marrried can live together after this life. We were happily able to explain to him about The Family A Proclamation to The World and he loved it. He had a lot of other questions but he seems like he's going to be a great new investigator. Well I got no time but I love you all and I'll see you soon.

Elder Harper 


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