Monday, October 20, 2014


This week has been pretty epic. Nothing new really happened like I always say, but it was epic. I

don't remember the people I wrote about last time but right now we are working real hard with 2 couples. Both couples kind of have the same case. We are teaching David and Sandra. David is a member and has been his whole life. He almost went on a mission but he messed up and has been inactive ever since. But now that he's living with someone and has kids, he wants to change and come back and he wants his fam to have the gospel as well. It's a super sweet fam! They always invite us over for dinner and family nights and they are really progressing. We just need to get them married as well so they can move forward.

We are also teaching Auri and Oner. Auri is the less active in this case and her boyfriend is Oner, a nonmember. This family is super kind and loving as well. They are having a hard time cuz their baby is sick and they don't have money to pay for all the meds and sometimes it leads to arguments and stuff. Auri wants to get married but Oner is a little harder. Even though he's super chill and our good friend, sometimes he has a hard time accepting our message but it's also a beautiful fam that has the potential to become an eternal family. 

In church, Antoni and Jeffrey showed up. They are ancient investigators we found a week or two ago. They said that with other Elders, they had baptismal dates but they never came to have the certainty that it was all true. I asked them if they ever went to church and they said that they hadn't.  I then told them that if they want to know if the church is the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ, they need to attend it. If they want to know if the Book of Mormon is true, they have to read it and pray to know. If they want to know if the commandments are necessary, they have to live them. It's as simple as that my dear friends. Like it says in John, if we want to know if a doctrine is true, we have to pray and live it and then we will have a manifestation through the spirit that it is true and we will have desires to keep living it and want more of it cuz we will be so blessed from the joy and happiness that comes from obedience. 
Elder Wadell is coming this week to train us a bit so that will be exciting. Well I don't got anything else to say. Ask me some questions next time and I'll answer them haha. Love you guys with all my heart.

Elder Harper

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